Sea of Thieves emergency maintenance happening today

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Xbox has revealed that Sea of Thieves' servers will be taken offline today due to emergency maintenance.


Below, you'll see a tweet from the official Sea of Thieves account which announced the downtime.

It's not clear why the maintenance is happening, especially with no update being scheduled for Sea of Thieves, but it's probably just to try and fix something that's causing issues.


"Attention, pirates. Due to emergency maintenance, the Sea of Thieves servers will be taken offline in 45 minutes (1pm UTC). We will announce when they are back online. Thank you for your understanding while we carry out this work as swiftly as possible."

Downtime Length & Maintenance End


The downtime started at 9am ET/1pm GMT on March 24, but it's not clear how long it'll last.

Emergency Maintenance doesn't tend to last too long, so the servers should be up and going again in a few hours.

When the developers announce that the downtime is over, we'll be sure to update you to let you know that Sea of Thieves is live again.

Also, we'll be sure to let you know if the reason for the emergency maintenance is revealed.