Pulse Red Xbox X|S Controller available to pre-order via Amazon

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The latest colour Xbox Series X and Series S controller is available for pre-order right now, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Hot Rod Red

The Pulse Red controller is available to pre-order from Amazon right now for £54.99 and has already shot to the top of the best selling colours for the Xbox Series X and S controllers.

The new colour follows Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue, but the red casing makes it stand out a lot more than the others.

Xbox Series X & S Pulse Red Controller
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The Pulse Red controller is the best looking Series S|X Controller yet

Its design also features matte black triggers, bumpers, and the typical Xbox hybrid D-pad that is designed to prevent slippage during gameplay sessions.

The triggers and bumpers are similarly textured with a dot pattern to ensure you can keep your grip easily.

It also has a really crisp white back plate which adds to the high contrast look of the red and black, making it one of the best looking Xbox controllers yet

On the Pulse

As stated in the official release from Xbox, you can wirelessly the Pulse Red controller to your favourite gaming devices including Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One with the built-in Xbox Wireless radio.

You can also play wirelessly on Win10 PCs and Android devices with Bluetooth Low Energy for remote play from your console.


The controller was originally announced by Larry Hryb on January 11 via a tweet, where he said it would be available in most Xbox markets by February 9

As mentioned above you can pre-order yours from Amazon right now, for £54.99, it's certainly the most stylish controller available right now.

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