New Perfect Dark Game Announced From Microsoft's The Initiative Studio For Xbox Series X

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During last night's The Game Awards it was revealed that a new Perfect Dark game is coming.

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This will be the third Perfect Dark title and the first new title since 2005.

The Initiative


Microsoft launched a new studio called The Initiative, this will be a flagship studio for the company.

So far it has managed to hire esteemed developers who have worked on games such as The Last of Us 2, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption.

It has long been rumoured that a big reboot would be coming from the studio.

Last night it was finally revealed to be Perfect Dark, my prediction from the start.

What Is Perfect Dark?

The Perfect Dark series was created after Rare lost the licensing rights for James Bond.

Rare were responsible for the smash hit 007 Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.

They did begin development on a follow up, presumably for Tomorrow Never Dies, but it was ultimately cancelled and turned into Perfect Dark.

SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR: After losing the rights to James Bond, the game eventually became Perfect Dark.
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SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR: After losing the rights to James Bond, the game eventually became Perfect Dark.

In 2005 a prequel to Perfect Dark released as an Xbox 360 launch title, the last Perfect Dark game to be released.

A two-part sequel to Perfect Dark began in 2006 but ended up being cancelled before release.



Watch the trailer for the new Perfect Dark game below:

During a developer interview, the team described the new game as a "reinvention of the franchise".


It is being said the game will be an "eco sci-fi" game, with the world suffering from ecological disaster, with a hopeful world on the surface and dark lying within.

Watch the developer interview here:

Perfect Dark will be a Xbox exclusive, releasing on Xbox Series X and S.


It will be launching on day one on Xbox Game Pass, there is no word as to a Xbox One or PC port.

No release date has been given but it is expected to launch in 2021.

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