Microsoft is struggling to give gamers a reason to buy Xbox Series X over PS5

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The Xbox Games Showcase has been and gone, and other than a spectacular showing from Halo Infinite, it was a big let down.

It has left a lot of gamers more and more convinced that the PS5 is the way to go.

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Halo Infinite is not enough


Opening the show with Halo was a bold step.

It was the one thing everyone wanted to see, but everything after it felt like a letdown.

It was a sensational gameplay demo that gave everyone a feel for the staggering scope of the new game.

Master Chief has long been a vital pillar for Microsoft & Xbox, but with so many major exclusives for Sony, Chief is doing far too much heavy lifting.


22 launch exclusives, but little to be excited by

There were a lot of games on display during the 60 minute stream, but most were forgettable.

If you are a fan of horror games then the Xbox Series X probably has you covered, but its a niche genre that a lot of gamers are simply not interested in.

xbox series x specs 12 teraflops rate shading raytracing
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POWERFUL: But without games what will all that hardware do?


Otherwise there was nothing that grabs you and says you have to play it.

CrossfireX looks like any other military shooter campaign, Everwild looks like it is still miles away from ready, and things like Psychonauts 2 are just weird.

Of course, there's Forza Motorsport, but Sony battles that with Gran Turismo 7.

Fable can't make up the gap

A tease for a new Fable game closed the show, but is Fable and Halo really enough to compete with the slew of amazing exclusives Sony and the PS5 has?

Spider-Man: Mile Morales and Horizon Forbidden West are sequels to amazing single-player games. And nevermind whatever God of War might bring to next-gen.

fable xbox series x min 1
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OUT MANNED & OUT GUNNED: The Xbox exclusives just can't compete with Sony's


Of course, Sony players also get Last of Us 2 as well...

It's safe to say that Sony wins the exclusivity battle.

So what does Microsoft really have to offer?

The one shining light

Xbox Game Pass might be the saving grace for the Next-Gen War.

All the launch games, including Halo Infinite, will be on Game Pass from day one.

For $10/£10 a month you can get all these titles. Of course, you can't keep them if you let your subscription lapse.


It's a concerted effort by Microsoft to be the Netflix of gaming, and right now it represents a great deal for gamers. Especially when it comes to single-player games that have little re-playability.

The price of next-gen consoles is yet to be revealed, and that too could save Microsoft - though as the Series X is the more powerful of the two consoles, it is likely to be the more expensive too.

Either way, it looks like Sony are continuing to dominate this Console War.

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