Forza Horizon 5 COUNTDOWN: Game Pass Release time is close

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Thanks to the Premium Edition, Forza Horizon 5 has been available to some people since Friday. If you had an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you could purchase the premium add-on bundle to gain early access to the game.

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Positive reviews have poured in and the game has even been branded a masterpiece. The full release of Forza Horizon 5 is due very soon and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the game on day one at no additional cost. Below is all the details you need.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Game Pass Release Time


Not long to wait now, Forza Horizon 5's full release time is set for midnight local time on November 9.

All Xbox Game Pass subscribers will then be able to download the game and jump in at no additional cost.

Download Size

Do note, however, that Forza Horizon 5 is big game. You'll need more than 100GB of free space on your system.

That being said, you can preload the game now so that you're able to jump into the action as soon as release time rolls around.

More Details

The standard and Xbox Game Pass versions of Forza Horizon 5 are set to release on Tuesday, 9 November. For many players, the ability to play a game like this is worth the cost of the subscription alone.

forza horizon 5 release date
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There has been some discourse over the last few weeks regarding game sales and the effect that Game Pass has on them. Certain parts of the gaming community have claimed that the service has a negative effect on full game sales, both digital and retail, without any substantial evidence to back the claim up.

It's been reported that between the Premium Edition and Game Pass add-on, over 1,000,000 players could play Forza Horizon 5 before its official release. It's set to be the best-selling game in the franchise at launch.


It's turning out to be quite the remarkable few years for Playground Games as they were also announced as the studio behind the Fable reboot. Between this huge undertaking and the success of their Horizon series, they've established themselves and one of the best and most reliable first-party Xbox studios.

We're still awaiting an update on the state of the Forza Motorsport series as typically the series alternates its releases but FH5 will be the second straight Forza game from the Horizon series.