Death Stranding PC: What Date is it Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Initially released in 2019 as a PlayStation console exclusive, the years since its release have seen a Death Stranding PC release and now, after much teasing, it's now officially coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Taking place in the USA after a mass extinction event, Death Stranding PC sees players taking on the role of Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) as he travels across America to try and unite the divided survivors spread across it while avoiding the paranormal BTs and bandits that stalk the land.


Perhaps one of the more unusual video games to release in recent years, Death Stranding PC is a genre-defying experience that takes the traditional AAA formula and shakes it up to create something new in a way that only Hideo Kojima can.

Here's when you can play it.

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Death Stranding PC Game Pass Release Date.


Announced via the official Xbox Game Pass PC Twitter account, the Death Stranding PC port will be making its way to the subscription service starting Tuesday, 23rd August 2022.

Unfortunately for fans wanting to play the Director's Cut of the game, it seems like that version of the Death Stranding PC port will not be making a jump to the service just yet though it may be a purchasable option with the Game Pass subscription.

The game will only be making its way to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass specifically, with no console version officially confirmed as on the way as of writing.

That's not to say that the game won't eventually make its way to Xbox consoles, however, with the Death Stranding PC port having compatibility with Xbox achievements.


While that doesn't confirm anything about a console release necessarily, it's an interesting extra step to take for a PC-only game coming to Game Pass and with Kojima set to work on a project for Xbox in the future, seeing Death Stranding finally debut on the console isn't out of the question.