How To Access Xbox Cloud Gaming On iPhone

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In somewhat of a shadow drop late last night, Xbox Cloud Gaming launched in full, allowing for every Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber to use the service.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has been in beta for some time, but has now been rolled out to more devices including iPhone and iPads.

The Cloud Gaming service is powered by custom Xbox Series X consoles for the best performance and stability. Here's how you can jump in and play on your iPhone.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming On iPhone

First things first, you need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to use this service, so sign-up if you aren't already.

From there you have access to a multitude of devices for Xbox Cloud Gaming, however, we're going to focus on the iPhone.

Cloud Gaming on iPhone works best in the Safari browser, so open up Safari and head to You will be prompted to sign into your Microsoft account of start a new Game Pass Ultimate membership.

When you sign in, you will be presented with the titles available for Cloud Gaming on iPhone. Before rushing into a game though, it's best to sort out your control scheme.

Ideally you want to use an Xbox Series X or S controller which can connect to you iPhone via Bluetooth. Head into the Bluetooth setting on your phone and search for a device while holding the sync button on the top of the controller. Once these are paired, you're good to go.

Now you're all set! Make sure you're connected to a reliable wi-fi source and just pick one of the titles available for Cloud Gaming on iPhone end enjoy!