Battlefield 6 to skip last gen consoles

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The Xbox One lost by a big margin during the last generation, meaning that Microsoft needs to step things up to make up for lost ground in this upcoming generation.

So far they have been doing just that with Outriders and MLB: The Show 21 launching on Game Pass.

Now it looks like a popular FPS game could be coming to Game Pass too.


Battlefield 6 Could Skip Last-Gen Consoles

Prominent Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson has suggested that Battlefield 6 won't be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, instead, they will be released only on the next-gen systems, the PS5, and Xbox Series X|S along with PC.

Tom also claims that Battlefield 6 will simply be called Battlefield, and will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day 1 to help boost the number of subscribers to the service as well as boost the numbers of players playing the game.

So far we have heard very little official news regarding Battlefield 6, but we know a trailer is imminent so expect a full announcement to be made soon.


Sea of Thieves Season 2 Is Now Live

April 15th saw the launch of Sea of Thieves Season 2, the next chapter in the popular sea exploration game.

The new season will come with 100 rewards that are available to all players, as well as premium rewards for those that purchase the Plunder Pass.

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In an Xbox Wire blog post, Microsoft laid out what to expect from the upcoming season.

"The Forts of Fortune have arrived, marked by an ominous new form of Skull Cloud looming in the skies over the Sea of Thieves.
These encounters provide an even more rigorous challenge than other Skeleton Forts, with extra explosive potential and ever fiercer foes as the waves of resistance keep coming.
Guaranteed Athena’s Treasures and other high-level loot await any crews who can conquer this gauntlet.
If you fancy your chances against the undead hordes, keep an eye (and ear) out for the tell-tale signs of this rare encounter emerging as you sail!
Should you prefer trade to battle, Season Two also brings in new Merchant Alliance Trade Routes. Emissaries can earn their fortune by buying Commodity Crates as cheaply as possible at Outposts, then selling them at another Outpost where those Commodities are highly sought-after.
The Merchant Alliance now sell Resource Crates too, so stocking up on bananas, wooden planks and cannonballs has never been easier!
To attract more pirates to their cause, the Trading Companies are rolling out brand new rewards for those Emissaries who place highly in their Emissary Ledgers.
Not an Emissary yet? They’ll send out a Mysterious Note when you’re eligible to purchase their Emissary Licence and set sail under their Flag.
All this along with Season Two’s dramatic time-limited Event, Reapers vs. the World – pitting The Reaper’s Bones against the other Trading Companies in an epic game of Emissary cat and mouse – and more Twitch Drops on the horizon from our Sea of Thieves Partnered streamers!"