September 2021's Games With Gold ANNOUNCED

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Xbox Games With Gold tends to arrive every month to fairly little fanfare. Xbox Game Pass tends to be a much better service so this is just one more reason to swap over to Games Pass Ultimate. PS Plus tends to be a little better but this month's games are fairly solid.

Here are next month's games and when you can expect to see them.


Latest - Games With Gold Announced

We now finally know the games you can play in September. They are Warhammer: Chaosbane, Mulaka, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Samurai Shodown II.

Not a bad month, all things considered.


September 2021 GWG Announcement Date

Major Nelson generally tends to be the person who announces each month's games. It tends to get announced on the last week of each month, around somewhere in the middle of the week.

Generally, we expect them at around midday BST on the last Wednesday but this time and date changes all the time. This time, we were right.


We would usually make predictions here but it is very hard to do so with Xbox each month. We tend to see two Xbox 360 titles, one indie and one AAA. As well as this, we tend to see two indie Xbox One titles. If you scroll through the store, looking for slightly older games not in Xbox Game Pass, you may be able to find next month's games.

When do the games arrive?

After we receive the announcement for next month's games, we should expect to see half of them available for download on September 1st. Then the second set of games should arrive around 16-18th September.

We'll keep you updated on any changes as we find them and will give you the games as soon as they are announced. You can keep an eye on this page or Major Nelson's Twitter feed to get them as soon as they arrive. Hopefully, they match last month's games.