What games do we think are coming to Games With Gold in June 2021?

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Okay, so we were a little off with our Games With Gold predictions this month. That doesn't mean there aren't some great free Xbox games up for grabs, though.. Here's the latest from Xbox...

LATEST - Games With Gold Titles Confirmed

Major Nelson has finally confirmed the June 2021 Games With Gold titles!


We're getting a few smaller titles this month, but that doesn't mean they're going to be bad ones!

Just to recap, here's when the free games will be available:

  • The King’s Bird: Available June 1 to 30
  • Shadows: Awakening: Available June 16 to July 15
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum: Available June 1 to 15
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Available June 16 to 30

June 2021's Games With Gold Predictions

Firstly, we're going to talk about the two Xbox One games we think Xbox might give us with Games With Gold in June 202. These are in no particular order and, of course, just our predictions at this stage. We do know when we're expecting them to drop, though.

Firstly, we think Warriors Orochi 4 is on the way to Xbox Games With Gold and it leads out predictions line-up.


Warriors Orochi 4 is the Dynasty Warriors x Samurai Warriors mash-up hack-and-slash that you really need to play if you haven't already. It follows on from Warriors Orochi 3, but that won't stop you from enjoying the wonderful combat gameplay it has to offer. Especially in its hard-hitting 3v3 multiplayer modes.

Next up, we think Train Sim World might sneak in as an unexpected hit for June 2021's Games With Gold lineup.

It does pretty much what it says on the tin, though. It's a Train Sim with a global focus. What makes this title unique though is it actually features gameplay outside of the train. This is only limited to refuelling and switch-changing, but it's a huge development for the genre when you consider the other vehicle-based simulators out there.

Now, onto the Xbox 360 portion of our Games With Gold predictions for June 2021.

Firstly, we think Blur is going to make a triumphant return to the forefront of our focus as the first Xbox 360 title added to June 2021's Games With Gold lineup.


This is one of those niche racing games that offer up a little bit of a Marmite appeal. People either love it, or they hate it. For us, we love it. It perfectly blends the arcade stylings of a kart racer with the real-world racing style of games like Forza and Gran Turismo to create a wonderfully intense and colourful experience.

As for the second Xbox 360 title, we're inclined to think that Xbox might give us another LEGO game. We know we've had one recently, but two can't really hurt... Right?

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is one of those LEGO games that sort of goes under the radar when people talk about TT Games' LEGO titles. It features all four Indiana Jones titles with newly-designed levels for all four movies, despite their appearances in the first title.

As you might imagine, it's got all the best LEGO game humour and it wildly includes a level builder for the first time!

We're expecting the Games With Gold announcement from Major Nelson on May 25th at around 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST, so we'll know how accurate we are soon.