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17 Mar 2020

Xbox Games With Gold April Countdown: Predictions, Free Games, Spotlight Sale, Deals, Discounts & more

Xbox Games With Gold April Countdown: Predictions, Free
Games, Spotlight Sale, Deals, Discounts & more

Here we bring you the best deals and discounts we could find as we draw closer to the April reveal.

Xbox Live Gold gives its members access to exclusive free titles every month, with the games being announced in the final week of the month and being made available in the first week of the next month.

Last month, Games with Gold members were given access to 4 games, including:

Batman: The Enemy WithinCastlevania: Lords of ShadowShantae, and Sonic Generations.

We really hope that we will see some major game reveals in this month's free games collection, but you can never really tell what is coming.

Continue below for everything you need to know about Games With Gold's April campaign.


As there haven’t really been any big titles yet this year, we're expecting Microsoft to step their game up, especially with most of the worldwide population on lockdown for the rest of the month.

Doom (2016)

The Xbox community has been asking for this one all year, and April seems like the perfect time for it to arrive.

RIP & TEAR: Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like Doom

With Doom Eternal hitting the shelves later this week on 20 March, showing off the brilliance of the 2016 reboot would be a smart marketing strategy.

It would also be incredibly fun for us!

Overcooked 2

Co-op cooking has never been more fun.

overcooked 2 games with gold

TEAMWORK: Makes the dream work

Overcooked 2 is a whirlwind of challenges to get dishes prepped while surviving kitchens that would give Gordon Ramsey fits.

Project Cars

The era of ultra-sim racing can be intimidating, but nothing makes it quite as much fun as Project Cars.

Project Cars Features Online

DRIVE TO SURVIVE: Project Cars will test your skills

With over 100 tracks and basically any car you can think of, you can experience close racing from the comfort of your sofa.

Deals & Discounts

Microsoft is currently listing some hot deals and discounts on the Xbox website.

xbox deals

GEAR UP: This week, Microsoft has some fabulous deals on for gamers who are heading into self-isolation

The best deal on the site right now is the 'join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and get your first month for £1', however, we know that most of you are looking for some classic titles for less.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is currently 30% off, while Just Cause 4 has had a whopping £24 taken off of the price.

Other notable titles include Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Edition, which you can now pick up for just £7.49, or Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which Xbox users can now pick up for less than £20.