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Xbox Games with Gold

22 Mar 2020

Xbox Games with Gold April 2020: Price, Deals, Free Games, Downloads & more

Xbox Games with Gold April 2020: Price, Deals, Free Games,
Downloads & more

Not long now until players can experience the joy of Games with Gold

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Dark Souls III

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Overcooked 2

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Project Cars

Xbox Live Gold member? An absolute must is that you partake in the glorious bounty that is Xbox Live's Games with Gold.

For those who don't know, Games with Gold provides free games, discounts, DLC and more - opening up a whole new world of gaming.

Right now, it's safe to say we need a win, so we've got our fingers crossed that the upcoming selection is going to great!

Let's take a look at what could be dropping soon!

Dark Souls III

In some ways, perhaps not the most relaxing title to be releases, but boy is it rewarding.

Dark Souls III was nominated for Game of the Year 2017, and is known worldwide as one incredibly difficult game.

dark souls 3 screenshots wandering knight

SHIELD YOUR EYES! Dark Souls hands down some painful defeats to beginners


Doom Eternal is currently waging war against the competition with its frenetic action, fantastic gameplay and immense soundtrack.

Doom Slayer

DEMONS YA SAY? Go back to where it all started for our Doomguy

It seems to make sense that the 2016 version would be released to remind players of the story so far?

Overcooked 2

Trust us when we say this is far more intense than you would imagine.

Think Kitchen Nightmares meets The Hurt Locker and Pixar and you'll get sense of the sheer panic that hits when you're behind on service!

Very fun playing with friends...just try to keep your cool!

overcooked 2 games with gold

WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE? The kitchen will literally crumble before your eyes

Project Cars

Project Cars makes what can be a somewhat daunting experience of Ultra-Sim Racing very accessable.

Over 100 tracks and pretty much any car you can think of; Project Cars could well be the gateway for you into the racing gaming scene.

Project Cars Features Online

SWERVE: Take control of some seriously impressive cars

Will we hit the mark with our predictions? Keep checking in for all the latest news on Games with Gold.