Games With Gold May 2020: Xbox may have just leaked May's free game - Reveal date, Release date, Predictions & more

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There's still over a week to go before the big reveal, but has an Xbox update just given Xbox Live members a hint about one of the possible free games for Games With Gold May 2020?

Well, a subtle change to this month's line up could give us some insight into one of the games that will be available in May.


The game in question was initially announced at the start of April, but it then got switched to the racing game Toybox Turbos.

Still confused? Continue below for all the details.

The Leak

The big switch has caused quite the stir within the community, forcing Xbox to address the situation.

gwg leak

CAUGHT OUT: A Reddit user has highlighted the mistake that Xbox had made in April

A message from Xbox attempted to address why Blinx: The Time Sweeper was ever included in the April campaign.


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However, a load of speculation has risen from this message, questioning whether the game is a future Games with Gold title.

What gives this speculation more clout is the fact that it is a Microsoft IP, so if we do not see it in May, we could definitely see it further down the line.

Reveal Date

Unlike Sony’s monthly campaign, PS Plus, Games With Gold doesn’t actually have an official release date each month.

project cars 2

ELUSIVE: Microsoft likes to keep the community on its toes with their reveals


That said, we’ve seen February, March and April’s games all get revealed on the last Tuesday of the month.

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Therefore, we can expect to see the free Xbox games revealed on Tuesday 28 April, at around 3pm.

That said, Xbox have been known to make their fans wait, so this could always change.

Release Date

Thanks to the slightly random nature of the Games With Gold drops, we do not have a specific date to stick by.

falbe anniversary games with gold

EXPIRING SOON: These two insane games are only available for the next couple of weeks!

That said, the May campaign will likely be available to download from the day that April’s titles expire.

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Project CARS 2 and Fable Anniversary will be available until 30 April, so we can only assume that May’s games will be available to download from Friday 1 May.


If you haven’t seen already, we just got our predictions for PS Plus’ May titles out.

That said, here are our predictions for Xbox’s monthly campaign.


Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The first LEGO Star Wars instalment arrived a whopping 15 years back on the Game Boy Advance.

star wars force awakens gwg

THE FORCE IS STRONG: We are really hoping to see the most up to date Lego Star Wars game this month

Well, the franchise is primed to return to consoles in 2020 with The Skywalker Saga, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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We’ve already covered the best character combos available to use in The Force Awakens, so we really hope this one pops up!


Ride 2

In Ride 2 you’ll be able to discover, transform and test out the fastest and most iconic motorbikes in the world.

ride 2

VROOM VROOM: This game’s flawless graphical style makes it the perfect simulator for motorsport enthusiasts

The digital garage offers players more than 170 bikes, new models and categories like the legendary Two-Strokes, Supermoto and Café Racers.

Overcooked 2

Co-op cooking has never been more needed than it is this month.

overcooked 2 games with gold

TEAMWORK: Makes the dream work

Overcooked 2 is a whirlwind of challenges to get dishes prepped while surviving kitchens that would give Gordon Ramsey fits.