Games With Gold May 2020: Confirmed Line-Up - Sensible World of Soccer, Overlord II, V-Rally & Warhammer 40,000 & More

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April's Games with Gold campaign was a real showstopper.

On top of the two fantastic free games, we received some additional discounts and DLC.


Project CARS 2 and Fable Anniversary have been available for the whole month, but we can finally move on to May's free titles.

Don’t waste any time – find out what they are below!

May's Confirmed Titles

May 2020's Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes:

games with gold reveal

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: These titles add up to over £100 in value

Sensible World of Soccer, Overlord II, V-Rally & Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr.

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May begins with Sensible World of Soccer and Overlord II, available from Friday 1 May.


Deals With Gold

The latest Deals with Gold titles are finally here, arriving alongside the usual deals.

deals with gold april

WEEKLY DEALS: This week, there are some FPS and Battle Royales you really ought to try out


This week, the Apex Legends: Octane Edition BundleCall Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Little Nightmares: Complete Edition have been drastically reduced!

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Head on over to Major Nelson’s page for all the latest details.