Games With Gold June 2020: Deals with Gold, Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry New Dawn, Spotlight Sale, Reveal Date, Predictions & More

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The Games With Gold June lineup has arrived and you can check out what it is right here. But we've now got a glimpse at some of the latest Deals with Gold for June also!

Continue below for all the details.


June Deals with Gold

The full list of the latest Deals with Gold can be viewed here - and there are a ton of awesome titles to play.

They will be valid until 1 June 2020 so get in there quick!

But with so much selection, we've picked out a few titles that we feel would be well worth experiencing!

Deals with Gold June

GET THEM BEFORE THEY'RE GONE! June's Deals with Gold will only be available for a limited time!

Far Cry New Dawn/ Far Cry 5

From what started as a 'man turns into beast' game has now progressed into a series of incredible action-packed, dramatic, and, at times, harrowing adventures.


These two instalments did not disappoint - and present you with an amazingly immersive world to explore, discover (and do battle) in.

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Shadow of Mordor

An excellent entry into the LOTR world, which explores one of the most inhospitable lands in all of middle earth.

Play as a Talion as you build your own private army, traverse the dangerous surroundings, and stylishly slay some orcs.

shadow of mordor

ON YOUR KNEES: Epic encounters can be had in the game


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kept you waiting huh?

MGSV is an absolute must-play. Unleash Big Boss into a vast world and do things your way. Build your army, unravel the engaging and twisting story, and get ready for some epic moments.

Best bring your A-Game also, as the soldiers are programmed to adapt to your techniques!

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Last Deals with Gold Highlights

What Remains of Edith Finch won a British Academy Games Award in 2017. It's a first-person exploration game and you explore the Finch house and surrounding world.


The experience is full of flashbacks, different art styles, and an amazing narration that guides you through the game.

It's creepy, absorbing and this would be the perfect chance to experience the title and see for yourself!

20170430205427 1

EXPLORE: Uncover the mystery

Valid now through to 25 May, and only available to Xbox Live Gold members - make sure you take advantage before it's too late!

Games with Gold Predictions

As always we tried our hand at making some predictions of our own! Take a look to see if we were on the money!

assassins creed games with gold predictions

We got a racing game, a football game, and two combat titles in May, so finding any form of pattern was impossible.

That being said, we thought we may see the return of Assassin's Creed Origins, The Sims 4, and Gang Beasts...

Check out June's Games with Gold right here!