Games With Gold July 2020 Reddit: Predictions, Reveal Date, Deals With Gold and More

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We’re fast approaching the release date for July’s Games with Gold campaign and speculation is currently at a high for the monthly campaign!

We've seen a lot of leaks in recent months, but our best advice is to take them with a pinch of salt, since last month's leak was incorrect.

We've got our in-house predictions already sorted, so now we turn our attention towards fan requests on Reddit.

Continue reading for the best suggestions we could find.


The Games With Gold subreddit has been filled with some incredible posts over the past week.

assassins creed games with gold predictions
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TOP ENTERTAINMENT: The 21-century battleground that is Reddit always tends to amaze us when we have a little snoop

As always, the predictions kicked off with a generic post, but this time, the author actually included some suggestions of their own!

reddit prediction
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ALIEN ISOLATION: A fitting request from u/cowanftm86 considering the circumstances of quarantine

But if we really were to receive one of the games listed - either Alien Isolation or Resident Evil 6 - the Xbox community wouldn't know how to control itself!

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u/MrReey also managed to tickle us with a cynical comment:

"Probably another Assassins Creed game. I feel like they have one every other month."

games with gold predictions
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GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE: We were clearly on the same wave length as u/MrReey when selecting our predictions!

And he hit the nail on the head - we wanted to see an Assassin's Creed title so badly that we actually named Assassin's Creed Odyssey as one of our predictions for July!

Release Date

Since a bunch of the active June titles expire on the 30 June, we can assume that the next set of titles will release on Wednesday 1st June.

games with gold deals
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ELUSIVE AS EVER: Microsoft likes to keep the community on its toes with their reveals

Games With Gold doesn’t really stick to an official reveal date each month, making it pretty hard to judge when the next games will be announced.

Reveal Date

We’ve seen the lineups revealed on the last Tuesday of the month since February, so we’re sticking to Tuesday 23 June for the next reveal.

project cars 2
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VARIATION: What genre of games are you expecting this month? We’ve already made our predictions which you can find in the link below

Regarding the time of the reveal, the games usually arrive at some time between 3-5 pm (BST), so you’ll have to keep an eye out for our update on the day.

Deals With Gold

The Microsoft Store’s ‘Deals With Gold‘ section regularly sees new titles added (with their prices slashed of course).

deals with gold
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THIS WEEK: A fresh set of titles have been added to the ‘Deals With Gold’ section in the Microsoft Store

Some standout titles from this week’s selection include:

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • For Honour (Year 3 pass)
  • SnowRunner
  • Save Your Nuts

We saw another offer in the ‘Deals' section of the Microsoft Store, which involved getting your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just £1.

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