Our Xbox Games with Gold December 2021 Predictions

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Xbox's Games with Gold for December 2021 are finally here, showing how bad we are at predicting the monthly games. Here's what you should know.

Latest - December Games With Gold Announced

Proving our predictions wrong, the games have finally been announced. You can find them below.

Below, you can find all the information and our original predictions

Games With Gold December 2021 announcement date

Generally, we expect the games to get announced around the last Wednesday of every month. For this reason, we should expect to see them around Wednesday, November 24th.

This being said, we didn't see last month's games until a little bit after this. That means that we could see the announcement at any point near the end of the month.

Generally, we will see the games arrive on the 1st of the month so we anticipate these games arriving on December 1st. If they don't do so by then, give them another day or two, then check again.

What were last month's games?

Last month, we received some pretty good games. A handful of indies alongside some AAA titles. Here they are:

With these choice, we are expecting something decent but not fantastic next month.

Our Predictions

Xbox Games With Gold tend to give two oldish indie titles from the Xbox One and two AAA titles from the Xbox 360. With this being said, here's something we could see coming in December.

Dead Rising 4 - Set in December, this zombie killer would be a perfect addition to December's games.


An Indie Title - We aren't too sure what to put here but we're expecting an oldish indie title.

Saint's Row - As the Saint's Row reboot has now been delayed, players may have time to make their way through the original

Dark Souls 2 - Now that Elden Ring is here soon, it's a good time to play an older From Software game.

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