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Games With Gold December 2021 Free games ANNOUNCED

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Xbox's Games With Gold isn't quite as good as PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass. Despite that, this month isn't terrible. Here are December's games and when we can play them for ourselves.

LATEST - Games announced

December's games have finally been announced. You can see them all below.

Games With Gold December 2021 Free games - announcement date

We tend to see the Games With Gold announcement on the last Wedesnday of every month around midday.

If this month follows that trend, we should see them on Wednesday, November 24th.

This being said, last month, we saw the announcements a little later than usual. If they don't come on Wednesday, just give them a couple of days and check back again.

Games With Gold December 2021 release date

Generally, the games tend to arrive on the 1st of every month, meaning December's games should come out on December 1st.

Like the last point, if they aren't out by then, give them a few days and they should arrive.

Our predictions

Generally, we tend to see two Xbox One games and two 360 games each month. The 360 games have generally been AAA whereas the Xbox One games have been indie. This being said, here's what we think could arrive:

Dead Rising 4 - This zombie killer is getting a little older now and its set during the holiday season. This is a perfect choice for December

Something Indie - It's not clear what we may receive but it seems likely we will see an indie title of some kind.

Saint's Row - With the reboot being delayed, now is a great time to make your way through the series.

Dark Souls 2 - Elden Ring is finally out in a few short months. This would be a great game to give away.

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