The August 2021 Games With Gold Reveal is Finally Here

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The Games with Gold reveal for August 2021 has just arrived and it's a rather solid month.

Here's what you should know about it so far.


Latest - Next Month's Games are Now Know

In August, you can now expect to see Darksider 3, Yooka Laylee, Lost Planet 3 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves - a rather solid month.

You can play them yourself in just a few days.


Games With Gold August 2021 Release Date

The August 2021 Games with Gold lineup was confirmed on July 28th. Once everything is set, the first two games should go live on Sunday, 1 August.

The way the Games with Gold system works means that two games are typically available at the beginning of the month and two become available halfway through. Because of this system, one of July's games, Rock of Ages, is still available to claim until mid-august.


Games With Gold August 2021 Predictions

Here are our original predictions, unedited

We've taken a few stabs in the dark at predicting the August 2021 Games with Gold lineup but it is usually an impossible task to correctly guess all four titles.

There may be a Forza title available due to the car and music licenses expiring soon. It's most likely that Forza Motorsport 7 as oppose to the more recent Forza Horizon 4.


On top of this, we expect an obscure indie title or highly successful critical indie title that might be quite old. When it comes to the other two titles, we're used to getting one backwards compatible classic Xbox title and one backwards compatible Xbox 360 game.

Guessing this is also impossible given how large the libraries are to choose from. Given that Psychonauts 2 releases in August, it's possible that the original Psychonauts could be available as part of the August 2021 lineup.