WWE Women’s Power Rankings: Week of October 25, 2017

See which women have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! We’ve narrowed it down to the top five, so it’ll take a big impact to break into the list each week. Here are this week’s rankings for the top five female superstars of WWE! 


    Alicia Fox is in the power rankings! This is not a drill! I've always been a closet Alicia Fox fan. She is beyond underrated in the ring and her character work is great. She nails what she is given, regardless of how bad it is, and that is all you can ask of a performer. Having Alicia Fox as the captain of the Monday Night Raw's women's team is an ideal choice. It will make the build entertaining and might actually make us all more invested in the match. 


    Is this week a dream? Becky Lynch is winning as well! Again, this is the right move. Having Becky Lynch be the captain of SmackDown Live's team gives room for fun promos but cements a legit badass as the captain. We all know Becky gets turned on by everyone she teams with, is it possible for four people to turn on her at once? We shall see. 

  3. 3 NATALYA (-1)

    Natalya is still champion, and I still don't care! Alexa Bliss vs Natalya might be the least compelling champion against champion match in WWE history. At least with Jinder and Brock, everyone is excited for Jinder potentially having his ass kicked. However, everyone is lukewarm on Natalya and Alexa's reign is getting stale fast. No one gets enjoyment out of either girl kicking the other's ass. We get a match, and that is it. Blah. 


    Asuka had two good matches with Emma this week, which brought Emma up a level, but still established Asuka as an ass-kicking machine. Booking done right. Great job WWE. Also, can we have Asuka beat every woman on SmackDown Live's team one by one? What we don't need is Asuka getting the Nia Jax treatment. For those who don't remember, last year Nia was being built as a dominant competitor only for her to tap out at Survivor Series. If WWE makes a mistake like that with Asuka, there may just be a riot. 

  5. 1 ALEXA BLISS (=)

    Alexa Bliss is still champion and I'm just here counting down the days until Asuka takes that belt. Alexa is great, but she's just been doing the same thing for a little too long. Alexa needs another change in her character just to freshen things up. She should give Chris Jericho, the master of fresh starts, a call for some advice. If she can add that ability to her arsenal, she could really propel herself to new heights. 

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