WWE TLC 2017: 5 worst moments

Despite a few good matches, TLC was absolutely dire. Here are the worst five moments that stood out from the pack.

On the road to TLC, there were already worries that the event would fall flat. When the announcement was made of two huge changes to the card, namely the return of Kurt Angle and the dream match of AJ Styles taking on Finn Balor, fans got a little more excited. While those two things were still great, the rest of the event didn’t exactly hold up its end of the bargain. There were plenty of issues, but these five stood out. 

  1. 1 Mickie vs Alexa falls flat

    Watching the Raw Women's Championship match truly felt like a chore. I can honestly say I received little to no enjoyment from that match at all. The match seemed to have next to no real build to it, nor did it feel like a title match.

    In fact, I only realized that this was a title match when Michael Cole uttered it for the 50th time for a bid to make a poor, rehashed SmackDown rivalry be something it isn’t: relevant. Wake me up when Asuka is champion. 

  2. 2 Cruiserweight calamity

    Once again, settling down to watch the fourth Cruiserweight Title match in as many weeks, I felt an overwhelming sense of despair. The division has suffered enough as of late what with Neville allegedly walking out of Raw. 

    What the division needed was some sort of leadership or clear champion to drag out from the depths towards some sort of legitimacy. But no, instead we got Enzo cheating to beat Kalisto to steal a title all over again. At what point do we just rename the division ‘205 skive’ because they’re just avoiding any responsibility for a decent match right now.

  3. 3 Hard to follow, but harder to precede

    Don't get me wrong, this match was spectacular. SmackDown Live's AJ Styles was drafted over for one night only to fill in for Bray Wyatt who was out due to a legitimate illness. As good as the match was, it overshadowed the entire rest of the night by a mile. AJ and Finn have such great wrestling chemistry that they proved that you don’t need a stupid storyline to have a great match.

    Even with no real reason behind the contest other than making up for Bray's absence, the match still felt natural to both men and the audience was into it from start to finish. More than anything, it's disappointing that this dream match was rushed and wasted on a one-off where it also made pretty much the rest of the show feel inferior. 

  4. 4 At least they're on the pay-per-view?

    When the Jason Jordan/Kurt Angle storyline was first announced, there was a lot of confusion. Then there was a lot of anger due to how Jordan has been wasted so far on the roster and having been given this golden chalice to drink from. Then, at the very same pay-per-view his ‘father’ was returning at, he would be facing... Elias Samson, due to a pre-show build. 

    Of course, the whole thing was preceded by Jordan constantly interrupting the performances of Elias with a barrage of vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, it was good to see Jordan get a win on a ‘big’ event, but it just seems a bit desperate to give him a half-hearted win over Elias. It was likely filler, and it was painfully obvious. 

  5. 5 Oh god, not again!

    The main event was fantastic. I won’t deny that at all. Angle as part of The Shield? Brilliant. But one key moment made me cringe and shook the entire night for me.

    Seeing Seth Rollins writhing in pain after hitting a frog splash through an announce table from the top of a ladder was glorious, but put the heart in all of our mouths. When he clutched his knee after the impact, we all panicked.

    Please, allow Seth to continue being goddamn amazing but also, limit his ability to do high risk moves. Great to see but really not worth the risk considering the history of that damned left knee of his.

What did you think were the worst moments from TLC? Let me know in the comments below!

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