WWE tagteam power rankings: Week of November 20, 2017

See which tagteams have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! We’ve narrowed it down to the top five, so it’ll take a big impact to break into the list each week. Here are this week’s rankings for the top five tagteams of WWE.

  1. 5 THE NEW DAY (-2)

    It was a rough week for The New Day. They lost both at Survivor Series and on Smackdown Live. However, they still shined brightly in both matches. The New Day are incredibly talented and entertaining. It will be interesting to see what is next for them. Will there be a prolonged feud with KO and Sami? I guess all these questions can be answered with time. 


    Shelton continued his team's great momentum with a singles win over Jey Uso. I still don't see The Usos dropping the championships anytime soon as they are just too damn good. However, we will get some absolute classic matches from this feud so there is nothing to be mad about!

  3. 3 THE BAR (-2)

    The Bar fell short against The Usos at Survivor Series, but the fact remains they are the champions on Raw. For how long? That is the real question. Do Sheamus and Cesaro break up after this run? There is room now in the mid card for them to mix it up but this team has really given new life to their careers and, hopefully, WWE keeps with it. I think sending the duo over to Smackdown in the next shakeup is the way to go.

  4. 2 THE USOS (=)

    Super hot take incoming. The Usos are the best tag team in all of wrestling at the moment. I know it is hard to compare WWE to indie wrestling but The Usos are putting on incredible matches even with the limitations of WWE. I think in the indies, these two would do insane things. I would love to see them wrestle The Young Bucks or even Guerrillas Of Destiny. For now though, I will have to keep dreaming. 

  5. 1 THE SHIELD (+4)

    There is no doubt at all that The Shield are the number one team in WWE right now. Roman has the Intercontinental Title and inevitably, Dean and Seth will reclaim the Raw tag titles. They put on a great match with The New Day at Survivor Series and came out on top. I really hope that The Shield stay together for a long time because it would be a shame to break them up for a Wrestlemania match when the three are all better as a group. 

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