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WWE Survivor Series 2017: Confirmed and expected matches (Updated November 1, 2017)

With less than three weeks to go before WWE brings us the 31st annual Survivor Series (the actual 30th anniversary), and we’re in full Raw vs SmackDown mode. After SmackDown Live’s invasion that put Raw #UnderSiege, get used to seeing everyone in their home colors until after November 19th. Unlike the haphazard build of the last few events, we’ve already got five confirmed matches for Survivor Series and two which have been announced that just need additional members to be revealed. 

Confirmed matches

Non-Title Champion vs Champion Match: Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs WWE Champion Jinder Mahal

Of our four champion vs champion matches, this is likely the one with the most desired specific outcome. Most fans are dying to see Lesnar demolish Mahal, but there’s no telling how things will go considering Vince McMahon’s love affair with the dominance of both stars. There are rumors of a potential guest referee, but nothing concrete is set just yet. 

Non-Title Champion vs Champion Match: Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya

Of our four champion vs champion matches, this is probably the least anticipated. It’s a shame considering the skills that both women possess, but there isn’t any logical chemistry between these two. Both are despised heels with little history, so who are the fans supposed to want to win? 

Non-Title Champion vs Champion Match: Raw Tag Team Champions Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos


Of our four champion vs champion matches, this is probably the most anticipated. The concept of pitting each brand’s champions against each other is exhibited best here with two magnificent teams that have had a stranglehold on their respective divisions for some time now. Both are at their best, and right now this is likely to be the match of the night. 

Non-Title Champion vs Champion Match: Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs United States Champion Baron Corbin

Of our four champion vs champion matches, this is easily the wild card. With such little build just yet, it’s hard to know what to expect out of these two win-at-all-costs heels. Despite having recently captured the US Championship, Corbin has made too many mistakes as of late. Meanwhile, The Miz has been fully in control on Monday Night Raw. This could be a surprisingly good match, but it’s hard to tell this early what we’ll get from these two. 

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Enzo Amore (c) vs Kalisto

The Cruiserweight Title is the only championship that will actually be defended at Survivor Series. After weeks of tension, Enzo Amore and Kalisto will clash once again with the belt at stake. Enzo's underhanded tactics and willingness to take shortcuts have rubbed many fans the wrong way, but it has also kept Kalisto in title contention since he hasn't been definitively defeated. Enzo's in-ring skill has improved, but he still feels out of place in such a technically sound division. This could be his best match yet, but that's far from guaranteed. 

Incomplete or expected matches

Men’s Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman & three unannounced members) vs Team SmackDown (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and AJ Styles or Rusev)

In the first of two traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, we’ve got the men competing to see if Raw or SmackDown is the superior brand. The teams rounded themselves out more this week as Kurt Angle was named the captain of Raw's team by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. Angle also announced Strowman as his first pick on Twitter following Strowman's return on Raw. Meanwhile, Shane McMahon has named himself captain of SmackDown's team. Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura qualified on Raw, and next week's clash between AJ Styles and Rusev will decide that team's final member. Raw still has three slots to fill, and hopefully Angle will name at least some of his team members this coming Monday on Raw. 

Women’s Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Raw (Alicia Fox, Nia Jax & three unannounced members) vs Team SmackDown (Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Naomi, and Tamina)


The second currently announced traditional Survivor Series elimination match will feature the women of Raw and SmackDown, and we’ve already got one entire team that’s been confirmed. Becky Lynch will lead the charge as the captain of SmackDown’s team, flanked by Carmella, Charlotte, Naomi, and Tamina. Meanwhile, Alicia Fox has earned the right to captain Team Raw, and announced this week that the returning Nia Jax will join her on Team Raw. Hopefully more members will be revealed this coming Monday on Raw. 

“The Demon” Finn Balor vs Kane (Unconfirmed)

The only other match that looks to be in the cards for Survivor Series will likely feature Kane. With a clear path of destruction since returning, he’s already made some powerful enemies. There were initial indications that Strowman might look for revenge over Kane, but he's been added to Team Raw in the men's Survivor Series elimination match. Kane has continued his path of destruction, but Balor could predictably look for revenge and choose to bring "The Demon" up against "The Devil's Favorite Demon." It would also make sense for WWE to want Balor's spectacular entrance, and paint, for a big event like Survivor Series.  

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