25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

WWE SummerSlam: 5 worst non-title grudge matches in event history

(Photo credit: Ed Webster)

Where WrestleMania is always about the pageantry and the spectacle, SummerSlam's position as "the biggest party of the summer" makes it stand out in different ways. While both shows tend to see most championships defended, SummerSlam has played host to some truly unforgettable grudge matches in the past. For clarification, any contest without a championship on the line can be considered a good old fashioned "grudge match." Usually, a grudge match sees a new chapter in a storied rivalry or the culmination of longstanding tensions. 

This Sunday, we'll see The Miz vs Daniel Bryan in a grudge match that's literally eight years in the making. It already has the potential to be one of SummerSlam's best ever, but which ones have stood out over the years? In honor of this year's event, we'll be taking a look at some of the best and worst grudge matches in SummerSlam history. In this first edition I've focused on the five worst ones, but the second part coming soon will take a look at the 15 greatest grudge matches in SummerSlam history. 

All of these can be found via the WWE Network, but I've provided videos of highlights, a segment about the contest, or the entire match if possible. Without further ado, here's the five worst grudge matches in SummerSlam history! 

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