WWE Money in the Bank 2018: Worst 5 moments

Money in the Bank had countless unforgettable moments, but it was a show definitely not without flaws. Here are the worst moments.

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Overall, Money in the Bank turned into one of the best shows WWE has put together this year. If you ignore three specific matches (which will be addressed here), it was a near-perfect effort. Unfortunately, those three matches (and a few other issues) made the list here as the five worst parts of Money in the Bank. 

  1. 1 Ronda Rousey takes a tumble

    Starting this list on a lighthearted  note is a misstep by Rousey during her match with Nia Jax. While the match was spectacular overall and Rousey proved herself an absolute natural, that doesn't mean she's immune to mistakes. 

    While it was brushed off by commentary as exhaustion, Rousey's ring awareness is clearly still in the developmental stages as she took a tumble out of the ring here. 

  2. 2 Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan serves no purpose

    This was easily the most useless match of the night, which is actually saying something considering there are three contenders for such an honor. Big Cass and Daniel Bryan squared off at Backlash and Bryan was able to topple the seven-footer. 

    In the weeks since then the feud has essentially limped along without anything meaningful happening. Cass continued to assert his superiority, due in part to his sheer size, only for Daniel Bryan to make him tap out once again. This did nothing for Bryan, helped Cass no more than his last loss, and took up time that could've gone to literally anything else. 

  3. 3 SmackDown Tag Titles pushed to the Kickoff Show

    You'd think WWE would want to use their new four-hour PPV format to get the champions on the show and feature big matches more often. Instead, this gem gets shoved to the Kickoff Show. 

    How nonsense like Bryan vs Cass, Lashley vs Zayn, and Reigns vs Jinder gets a PPV spotlight while the SmackDown Tag Team Champions get shoved to the pre-show is beyond me. On top of that, the US Championship and Raw Tag Team Titles were nowhere to be seen!

  4. 4 Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn

    Literally the only positive of this match happening is the possibility that this horrendous feud might already be over. Zayn has delivered some impressively cringeworthy promos in recent weeks, and the skewed logic behind Lashley "defending his family's honor" has hooked absolutely no one. 

    The match itself was lackluster at best. Zayn did his best to play up the heel tactics while Lashley worked a pretty basic powerhouse match. Sami's vertigo must have been acting up, because all it took for Lashley to finish him was a stalling suplex. 

  5. 5 Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal AKA "THIS-MATCH-SUCKS!"

    Where do I even start with this mess? WWE wants Roman Reigns to be cheered. No, let me fix that. Vince McMahon needs Roman Reigns to be cheered. Unfortunately, not even the heat of Jinder Mahal can make the fans like Roman. Instead, this blandly built feud had a solid match that meant absolutely nothing. 

    Roman and Jinder worked fine and had a decent match on paper. The above interference by Sunil Singh was one of the most fun aspects of the match as Sunil channeled his inner Vickie Guerrero. However, the crowd didn't want this match. The fans didn't want this match. No one wanted this  match, except perhaps Vince. So what does Chicago do? Well, it's Chicago after all. 

    The crowd essentially took a giant dump on this match from start to finish. Not only did you get the usual boos and ire, but the chants went next level. The crowd did the wave. A beach ball popped up again, which drew some more boos and an "asshole" chant once it got popped/confiscated. Here's a list of just some of the chants Chicago tried out last night: 

    • Boring
    • This is Awful
    • Rusev Day
    • CM Punk
    • Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks
    • Delete
    • NXT
    • Y2J
    • Velveteen
    • Let's go Beach Ball
    • You Suck
    • This Match Sucks
    • End This Match

    I'm not sure what else there is to say about this. The moral of the story is that Vince McMahon doesn't care what the fans think, and Chicago isn't afraid to return the favor. Poor Roman and Jinder worked hard, but there was no fixing this mess. It was doomed from the start. 

What did you think was the worst moment at Money in the Bank? Let us know in the comments below!

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