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WWE 2K22 MyGM: How many matches are there per show in GM Mode?

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WWE 2K22 MyGM is reviving the classic GM Mode that became a fan favorite in the SmackDown vs. Raw series of games, but it's got some changes.

One big question fans are clamoring to find the answer to is exactly how many matches there will be per show in WWE 2K22 MyGM, and we've already seen some clues.

WWE 2K22 MyGM: How many matches are there per show in GM Mode?

When it was first announced, there was no surprise that many fans were excited about the return of GM Mode as the new MyGM in WWE 2K22.

However, some of that excitement turned to anxiety as early images indicated the GM Mode fans loved may see some significant changes with the reinvention as MyGM.

If we look back to the past, the original GM Mode in SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 followed this format for weekly shows:

  • Match 1
  • Match 2
  • Promo 1
  • Match 3
  • Match 4
  • Promo 2
  • Match 5
  • Main Event

While it was slightly altered by SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 when things had shrunk to only 5 total matches, that wasn't a significant change.

As a result, many fans were expecting WWE 2K22's new MyGM to follow a similar format, but the few screenshots we've seen of this GM Mode reboot indicate it'll be condensed.

WWE 2K22 MyGM GM Mode card
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SLIM PICKINGS: You may only have three matches per show in MyGM

Based on the above image, and a separate screenshot spotted in the initial Feature Reveal Trailer, WWE 2K22 MyGM is expected to have just three matches per show using the following format:

  • Opener
  • Self Promo
  • Mid Card
  • Self Promo
  • Main Event

This keeps the two non-match segments we saw in previous years, but it cuts the match total in half. However, one key thing to keep in mind is that we know MyGM will include a progression where you grow a show over time to use bigger arenas.

It's possible that the match total for each card will vary based on your progression, allowing players to create more in-depth cards if their show has earned extra television time by proving itself. Unfortunately, that's all speculation at this point.

How long is MyGM in WWE 2K22?

The length of a single MyGM playthrough is another detail we've yet to get confirmation of, but we did get some clarity in a recent interview with WWE 2K22 Art Director Christina Diem Pham.

Among the overall details she provided about how MyGM will operate, including the revelation that Triple H will serve as an in-game advisor who offers feedback based on show performance, Pham discussed the overall length of the game mode.

"You have these different options of three different amounts of weeks you wanna do," she said. "Like 15, 25, or 50 weeks overall."

It was a small comment, but gives us an idea of how the game mode may actually work, as it seems they've chosen to make the challenge less the individual card length and more the period of time you're trying to work through.

We'll have to see how these changes feel when the final game arrives, but as of now the signs of a smaller match card in WWE 2K22 MyGM aren't going to received well by classic GM Mode fans.

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