WWE 2K22: How will VC (Virtual Currency) and microtransactions work?

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WWE 2K22 is still several months out, but the bits and pieces of information that have leaked out indicate some major changes this year.

With VC (Virtual Currency) set to arrive and bring in microtransactions, we're taking a look at how that could affect different game modes in WWE 2K22.


WWE 2K22 leaks indicate VC (Virtual Currency) and microtransactions are coming

WWE 2K22 news has been pretty scarce since the title was officially delayed to a future release date in March 2022, but a few leaks have given us a good idea of how things could be changing.

While several WWE 2K22 leaks have showed up, the most concerning one has been news that VC (Virtual Currency) and microtransactions will play a major role in the upcoming title.

The news came via a successful datamine from VikingSizeGamer, and he spotted assets for fully rendered images to sell VC in bulk for WWE 2K22.

In total, the following amounts were spotted and are expected to be sold as VC bundles, and next to them you can see the cost each of the equivalent bundles are priced at in NBA 2K22:

  • 5,000 VC for $1.99
  • 15,000 VC for $4.99
  • 35,000 VC for $9.99
  • 75,000 VC for $19.99
  • 200,000 VC for $49.99
  • 450,000 VC for $99.99

While we can't yet confirm they'll be using the same prices in WWE 2K22, it seems very likely as 2K used the same VC totals as they do for NBA 2K22.

How will VC and microtransactions work in WWE 2K22 game modes?

While we're pretty sure VC and microtransactions are coming based on this leak, one of the primary uncertainties remaining is how they'll actually choose to implement it.

While we likely won't have confirmed details until the WWE 2K22 reveal currently expected in January ahead of the March release, we can get an idea of how the mechanic is implemented by looking at how 2K has done it in other titles.

There's one game mode all but guaranteed to feel the effects of VC and microtransactions.


The most likely way we'll see VC used in WWE 2K22 relates to MyCAREER and the custom MyPLAYER that each user will create.


This game mode in the WWE 2K franchise has had unlockables built into it before, such as extra visual pieces you can use to change your MyPLAYER appearance or in-game things like new moves or entrance customization options.

WWE 2K22 vc myplayer mycareer
CHANGE IS GOOD: We could see VC change up the MyCAREER mode this year

That's also become an integral piece of NBA 2K22, with a primary outlet for VC being the purchasing of new clothes and animations for your MyPLAYER in MyCAREER.

The potentially good news about this possible path is that there are usually plenty of ways to earn VC in-game without having to spend real-world money on what mostly amounts to aesthetics.

VC for Unlockables (Roster, Titles, more)

One of the ways we've seen VC used in the past without microtransactions included the spending of earned in-game currency to procure unlockables like new legends for the roster, classic titles, classic arenas, and more.

In the past, there had been DLC connected to the option to mass unlock all of this right out of the gate, often bundled with the Special Edition of the game.

WWE 2K22 titles vc
THE CLASSICS: VC could be used to unlock classic titles

WWE 2K22 is also pretty likely to take this route, which would make these additional options accessible through grinding or via microtransactions to allow things to be unlocked more quickly.

It's also worth noting that microtransactions were used in WWE 2K Battlegrounds specifically to purchase extra characters or unlock alternate attires.

MyTEAM or Online Competitive Play

The biggest avenues for VC in NBA 2K22 and other sports titles are connecting them to some form of MyTEAM (Ultimate Team) mode or an Online Competitive Play mechanic.

For NBA 2K22, that means using VC in MyTEAM to purchase packs and build your Ultimate Team of cards or outfitting your MyPLAYER before competing in online competitive environments.

WWE 2K22 is devoid of both of these, and that means versions of them could be considered for new game modes.

2K and EA, both being the biggest players in sports gaming, love collectible modes that offer randomized packs, as they hugely incentivize gamers to purchase more packs and hope for the rare card they most desire.

WWE 2K22 vc edge myteam
VARIANTS: Legendary versions of Edge from different points in his career could be up for grabs

WWE 2K22 could implement a version of this, potentially framing the challenge with a Survivor Series styled competition where players bring their team of five cards representing specific Superstars and compete in an elimination match.

The other way to bring online competitive play into the fold would be to make it part of MyCAREER, which NBA 2K22 has done with The City, but we could see a simpler way of bringing online competition to that mode utilized in WWE 2K22.

GM Mode

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to how VC could affect the game is also connected to a recent leak, as it now looks like GM Mode will indeed return in WWE 2K22.

Including VC in the game mode in a way that would incentivize microtransactions would be one of the biggest mistakes 2K could make here, as it would likely immediately annihilate any goodwill earned by bringing back GM Mode.

However, it is still possible that they could attach VC to the mode by allowing it to be spent on perks or bonuses of some kind.

Ultimately, microtransactions have filtered into most major gaming franchises, especially sports gaming franchises, so it was really just a matter of time before the WWE 2K franchise found its own way to join the club.