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WWE 2K22: How to mute voice chat when playing online

WWE 2K22 is carrying the franchise several steps forward, but an exciting release means online play with people that some players won't want to hear on voice chat.

Whether you're looking to make sure you're not heard at times or want to tune others out, we've got details on how to mute the mic and turn off voice chat online in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22: How to mute your mic when playing online

While WWE 2K22 came up short on adding some online functionality, such as a proper online competitive MyGM or online MyFACTION, the game does still have online play.

If you're looking to compete with others, everything is done through the Online Lobbies where you either join one created by other players or can take the step of creating your own to invite others.

Like any online competitive game, these have their pros and cons, and voice chat is something that some players aren't a fan of utilizing or may not want at all times.

WWE 2K22
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MISSING: You'd think there'd be a setting in Online Options, but apparently not

If you have a mic setup when playing and want to mute yourself, there's actually no proper in-game way to do that, but fortunately there are easy workarounds.

When playing online, if choosing not to talk or not to make noise around you isn't an option, you'll need to use your mic and headset itself to mute.

Some come with a switch to mute your audio, something you can easily flip while playing, but if yours doesn't have that then your only option would be to unplug the headset and disconnect the mic.

WWE 2K22: How to mute and turn off voice chat in lobbies

On the other side of the spectrum, even players who don't care to use a mic will run into the fact that opposing players can use voice chat.

If you don't want to risk listening to voice chat from others while playing online, they can be muted just before the match begins, but the setting isn't an easy find.

With no actual in-game option either in Gameplay Settings or Online Options to disable voice chat entirely, you'll instead have to mute each individual opponent.

WWE 2K22 voice chat mute
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SILENCED: Nothing against Hunter4killz, it was just the lobby we randomly joined

When you're in this pre-match screen after entering a lobby, you'll have to first look at the bottom of the screen for "Player List" and press RS (or the button seen by that option).

This will bring up a Player List of opponents currently in that WWE 2K22 lobby, and you'll need to hover over each name and press A (or the button seen in the bottom left) to mute or unmute that player.

If you don't want to use voice chat or risk hearing your opponents, simply take this step and mute all of them before the match itself begins.

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