WWE 2K22: How to do springboard moves and running dive to ringside

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If you're still adjusting to the new WWE 2K22 controls this year, it can be a challenge to figure out all the ways that high flyers can use springboard moves.

With multiple locations to springboard from on top of ringside dives, we've got all the details you need to hit these aerial acrobatics in WWE 2K22.


WWE 2K22: How to do springboard moves

One of the biggest things you need to keep in mind before trying to do springboard moves is that not every superstar in WWE 2K22 can actually do them.

Springboard moves are one piece of a larger moveset, and "None" is an option for move choice from every potential springboard position in WWE 2K22.

If you want to do springboard moves with a specific superstar go ahead and check their full moveset for details, and with a created superstar in MyRISE or elsewhere you'll need to set these up yourself if desired.


Once you're definitely using a superstar with access to springboard moves, you'll usually have to press LB or L1 when near the ropes to grab them and put yourself in a position for a springboard move.

WWE 2K22 springboard
GRAB THE ROPES: When you've grabbed on you're ready to now do a springboard

Once you're holding the ropes, the game says specifically to press LB+X (L1+Square) to trigger the move, but in our experience you can use any button except Y or Triangle paired with LB/L1 to make the move happen.

You'll be able to do springboard moves from the ring ropes towards your opponent, from the corner to your opponent in the ring, from the apron into the ring, from the apron to ringside, and from inside the ring to an opponent at ringside.


Of these, you usually won't need to press LB again after you're grabbing into the ropes and in position. However, for a springboard from the apron to the outside, you will need to press LB in addition

How to do a running springboard move or dive to the outside

If you're trying to execute a running springboard move in the ring, the timing of them can be very tricky and the way WWE 2K22 explains the controls isn't much help.

Despite the game telling you that you'll need to press LB+X or L1+Square to do the move, it's actually just all about timing.


You can do springboard moves off the ropes at any point by running towards the ropes and pressing any attack button (X/A/Y or Square/Circle/X) just before your character would run into the ropes and then bounce back to keep running.

It may take some time to get used to the timing, so take advantage of the Practice Play option when editing a moveset in the Creation Suite to test things out.

If you want to hit a springboard move or dive to an opponent at ringside, you'll be using the same tactics and timing that will take some practice to get used to.