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WWE 2K22 Gameplay Reveal COUNTDOWN: Rey Mysterio to star in first deep dive

WWE2K22 is just around the corner and we can't wait to gear up and start fighting for the coveted titles.

Excitement is swirling in the wrestling community as 2K Games have already been teasing new features and superstar ratings for the year ahead.

However, a major insight will be offered to WWE 2K22 fans today, with 2K Games announcing a gameplay deep dive that will truly test how far the series has come since its shaky release two years ago.

Gameplay Deep Dive

2K Games have announced a 'gameplay deep dive' that will debut today at 10am ET / 3pm GMT on YouTube.

WWE2K22 FULL Gameplay Reveal

You can watch the stream right here:

Whilst we don't know the specifics of what will be featured, 2K games have said that a full match will be showcased to fans.

With WWE2K having taken a two-year hiatus since the disastrous launch of 2K20, fans are excited to see just how far the franchise has come since its last instalment.

What to Expect

The showcasing of a full match in WWE 2K22 will allow fans to fully understand the new mechanics and features that have been implemented by 2K games.

With scarce gameplay shown so far in trailer/rating reveals, we're excited to see what the team at 2K Games have been able to achieve inside the squared circle.

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FAN FAVOURITE - MYGM mode makes a welcome return in WWE2K22

The gameplay deep dive promises to quench the thirst of fans that are desperate to see what WWE2K22 has to offer, and whilst we aren't expecting to see a run-through of the brand new game modes coming to this year's game, there's every chance this deep-dive series could have a few extra instalments in the future.

Head of the Table

WWE2K22 have been revealing some of the superstar ratings for this year's game and you won't be too surprised by the man that currently tops the pile.

The head of the table and the current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns takes top billing in the ratings reveals so far.

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HEAD OF THE TABLE - Roman Reigns could be the highest rated superstar in WWE2K22

The charismatic champion from a rich line of wrestling heritage promises to bring the pain in WWE2K22 and we can't wait to dominate with WWE's most dominant superstar.

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