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WWE 2K22: Watch Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest in Gameplay Deep Dive

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WWE 2K22 has been hyping things up ahead of launch, but so far the small glimpses haven't been enough for fans clamoring to see more gameplay.

We've finally gotten that now, and you can watch the first full WWE 2K22 match footage in this gameplay deep dive featuring Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest.

Watch the first WWE 2K22 match footage featuring Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest

After plenty of anticipation, and a fair amount of criticism insisting fans needed to see WWE 2K22 gameplay footage, it's finally arrived.

In the first WWE 2K22 Ringside Report, they've taken a deep dive into this year's gameplay and given us more information and footage than ever before.

Prior to this video release, we'd only seen heavily edited glimpses in trailers, but this one includes extended match sequences for the very first time.

The match on display is Rey Mysterio vs. Damian Priest, and their styles mean that we get to see quite a bit of the game's more agile gameplay on display.

Mysterio goes for a handful of springboard moves and attacks to the outside, including an attempted suicide dive that Priest counters and dodges entirely to allow Mysterio to crash and burn.

This is just scratching the surface, as they also dove into tons of details about how combos will work, detailed the new heads-up display, and much more about WWE 2K22 gameplay.

New WWE 2K22 gameplay and controls details revealed

Along with all of the footage we got to see, the developers at Visual Concepts also discussed details about the new control scheme and addition of combos.

The majority of attacks will be rooted as a Light Attack, Heavy Attack, or Grapple, and those will be countered by hitting the same button as the move itself that your opponent is using against you.

Reversals will be used as a separate function for moves that don't fall into those three categories, and they've entirely removed the reversal stock feature from WWE 2K20 which restricted players to a limited amount of reversals.

WWE 2K22 gameplay
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DIVE AND DODGE: One great moment showed Mysterio missing a dive due to Priest's dodge

They also explained that combos will have similar, but distinct, sequences across different players. WWE 2K22 will also have the option of customizing and creating new combo sequences from scratch.

The new heads-up display starts with a Vitality Meter on top which functions much like a health bar, and we can see the limb-targeting damage system is still in place.

The middle of the heads-up display shows multiple small blue bars, and this is the Special Meter, a resource used to perform signature, paybacks, or defensive actions.

The bottom of the heads-up display finally shows the Finisher Meter, and they confirmed you will be able to store up to three finishers in WWE 2K22.

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