WWE 2K22 had two former champions do motion capture

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WWE 2K22 has been providing behind the scenes looks at the game's development, and that includes the motion capture process.

Another wrestler involved in that has spoken up, and it's clear now that WWE 2K22 used two former champions in the mocap studio.

Two Cruiserweight Champions working on WWE 2K22

Back in March of 2021, it was noticed that former WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins, or TJP, had shared footage of himself doing motion capture work on WWE 2K22.

The footage came out prior to the announcement of WWE 2K22 at WrestleMania 37 or the beginning of the behind the scenes videos being seen now.


Now, yet another former Cruiserweight Champion has revealed their own work with WWE 2K22 and this time it's Lio Rush.

One developer revealed that "over 4,800 new animations" have been captured so far for WWE 2K22, and more are on the way.

Motion capture done by wrestlers that WWE released

On top of being former Cruiserweight Champions, the other interesting factor of these two doing motion capture work is that neither is still a part of the WWE roster.

WWE 2K22 Motion capture cruiserweight champions development behind the scenes released
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CRUISERWEIGHT CAPTURE: Neither former champion is still with WWE

T.J. Perkins was released by WWE in early 2019, and Lio Rush was unfortunately part of the round of releases done in April of 2020 as the global pandemic was just taking hold.

While it's not out of the question for Visual Concepts and the team at WWE Games to hire talents not currently with WWE to do motion capture work, it means that WWE 2K22 will largely be rooted in work done by wrestlers that WWE felt weren't worth keeping.

There should be more trailers and behind the scenes development videos on the way in the coming weeks and months, and those could reveal even more intriguing names involved in the creation of WWE 2K22.