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WWE 2K22 Error: How to fix 'You need to have the latest version of WWE Live'

While it's just released worldwide, there's already been more than one WWE 2K22 error plaguing players attempting to enjoy the title.

We've got details on how to fix the "You need to have the latest version of WWE Live" error in WWE 2K22 so you can get back into the action right away.

WWE 2K22 Error: How to fix 'You need to have the latest version of WWE Live'

If you've been trying to play WWE 2K22 and run into server issues or errors, you definitely aren't alone in that struggle.

While WWE 2K22 is still a major step up from the last release and doesn't have a fraction of the game-breaking bugs we saw with WWE 2K20, the game has still had issues.

Some players have found themselves running into a WWE 2K22 error screen that states: "You need to have the latest version of WWE Live to select this. Please go to the MAIN MENU, press RS, and try again once WWE Live is updated."

WWE 2K22 Error
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ERROR: This one has started to appear when server issues are happening

You can see an image of the error above, and it often comes when trying to access a mode like MyFACTION despite the fact that the game can't connect to the 2K servers.

You may get also message before it stating "An error occurred while retrieving the latest data from the server. Please try again later."

You may be confused if you try to back out into the Main Menu and press down the Right Stick, as doing this while disconnected from the server will have no effect.

If you're facing the issue when the servers aren't down for maintenance, try restarting your console entirely, as we had the issue and a full Xbox Series X|S restart remedied the problem and allowed the game to then properly connect to the servers.

WWE 2K22 servers down continues to plague launch

Unfortunately, this may not be the last we see of this error with server problems continuing to pop up and WWE 2K22 servers going down intermittently.

While things have begun to improve since the arrival of Patch Update 1.05, which we have full details on here, that will likely just be the first step in the process.

WWE 2K22 could be a victim of its own success at this point, as the revival is drawing in lapsed WWE game fans and could be giving the WWE 2K servers more stress than they've ever seen in the past.

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