WWE 2K20: Biggest ratings snubs from this years game

The ratings are here, but as ever not every wrestler has been well-served by their 2K score.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

WWE 2K20 is just days away, and while fans can’t wait to get to grips with some of their favorite WWE Superstars, there will be more than a few disappointed players out there.

This is because the roster ratings are out, and there are some wrestlers that have a far lower score than their talents deserve.

The 2K ratings team always have a tough job balancing a wrestlers place on the card with their in-ring talents and level of fan interest, and while most of the 200+ roster are about right, there are some wrestlers that standout as hard done by. Who has it worst this year?

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Kurt Angle ’01 (86 OVR)

2001 is a much-maligned part of WWE’s history thanks to the botched “Invasion” angle. However, what it did produce is the best version of Kurt Angle and establish him as a main event talent. Angle’s ’01 feud/friendship with Steve Austin was the most captivating part of the post-WrestleMania X-7 period, and included a stellar SummerSlam match with Austin that was rated 4.5 stars.

All of which makes this version of Angle a bit of a head-scratcher. The ’06 Angle gets a 89 OVR, and perhaps worst of all is that the ’01 version of Triple H, who missed most of the year with a horrific quad injury, is 91 OVR.

Sasha Banks (80 OVR)

WWE 2K20 is focusing around the Four Horsewomen, and rightly so. Their rise over the last 5 years, to the point where two of them main evented WrestleMania, has been a huge part of the WWE’s push into the wider culture.

As a result Becky Lynch has made the cover of this year’s game and sits at a very healthy 90 OVR. Charlotte Flair and Bayley are not too far behind at 87 & 86 OVR, respectively. But Sasha Banks is way off.

She has already taken to social media to voice her displeasure with the rating, and it’s easy to see why. The Boss has never had her talents questioned, and is just as responsible for the explosion of the Women’s roster as anyone else.

Unfortunately her place on the card is to blame for this low rating, but really it is insulting to such a talented performer and will make it tough for anyone to do a Four Horsewomen match without Sasha eating the pin every time.

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Kassius Ohno (73 OVR)

The veteran is not high on the NXT card, often acting as the gatekeeper for new talent. He is loaned out to places like Evolve, and is rarely seen winning on NXT TV, but that doesn’t mean that Kassius Ohno is not a talented and popular wrestler. Perhaps better known as Chris Hero, Ohno has traveled the world and delivered knockout blows and stunning matches wherever he goes. Be it in tag teams or as a singles wrestler, Ohno has filled bingo halls and enthralled fans.

At 73 OVR he is one of the lowest rated wrestlers in the game, coming in behind people like Eric Young, Jinder Mahal, and Apollo Crews. That just isn’t right.


Toby Durant