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18 Oct 2018

WWE 2K19: How to earn VC fast

WWE 2K19 is an immersive experience for wrestling fans, but it is also a game that requires a little bit of grinding if you want to get the most out of it. MyPlayer is an excellent game type this year, creating far more single player, offline, content than ever before. However, creating a superstar in MyPlayer and building him up can be an arduous journey.

You start with only a few pre-set looks and moves to choose from, and have to unlock the wider array as you progress so you can truly hone your character into the kind of wrestler you want to be. To unlock moves and new appearance options you need VC, so how can you earn it?

How to earn VC fast in WWE 2K19

In WWE 2K19 you earn VC through playing matches against the AI and online opponents. The more stars you earn in a match, the more VC you get. However, that isn't very much. For a five-star match you won't even earn 200 VC, and it will cost you 12,000 VC if you want to unlock an awesome new finishing move for your MyPlayer.

So how can you possibly unlock all the elbow pads, trunks, and body paint options you want for your superstar? Or unlock the arenas and championships for Universe mode? Here's how.

Shock the system

We can create an easier VC grind by creating a new superstar, or just downloading one, and lowering their stats as much as possible. This makes them weak, vulnerable, and a very easy opponent in the ring.

Once you've done that go back to the main menu and head over to "Options", select "game balancing", "balancing 2" and then scroll down to where it says "Squash Match Rate". Bump that all the way up to 100.

Now you can got into a one-on-one match against your super-weak opponent and very quickly defeat them. A single clothesline from The Rock to our jobber "Stormtrooper" nearly gave us a signature. One punch did. Hit the signature, hit your finisher, and you pick up a simple 1-2-3 and a 3.5 star match, which gives you nearly as much VC as the hard-to-earn five-star match did.

Just hit "Rematch" and as long as you hit a signature and finisher you will keep scoring 3.5 star matches in 25 seconds and be able to rake in the VC at a much faster rate than normal, allowing you to buy up every move you could want in MyPlayer and unlock Steve Austin, Sting, and others very quickly.

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