WWE 2K19: Best Tag Teams

Tag team matches can create some of the most exciting wrestling around. Who are the best tag teams in WWE 2K19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Tag team wrestling is often an overlooked aspect of WWE, but it can also produce some of the most spectacular moments imaginable. In the early 2000’s the rivalry between The Hardys, Dudley Boys, and Edge & Christian created magic for nearly 18 months. More recently The Usos, New Day, and The Bar have all been incredible in the ring, while NXT has produced some brilliant, show-stealing, tag team matches itself with The Revival, American Alpha, and DIY.

Best tag teams in WWE 2K19

Within WWE 2K19 there are many preset tag teams. In PLAY mode if you start a tag match and select one member of the team it will automatically suggest who your partner should be. In UNIVERSE mode these are the teams that will compete over the tag team titles, and while you can create your own should you wish (who hasn’t wanted to see what damage a team of Finn Balor and AJ Styles could do?), it is the preset tag teams we will be looking at in this article. So, who are the best tag teams in WWE 2K19?

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (Overall 85)

Members: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

While not an active and competitive tag team for particularly long on WWE programming, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn make a formidable duo in WWE 2K19. Their strengths as singles wrestlers, and their complimentary skills of speed and power, work very well. They haven’t held tag gold together, but both are former NXT champions and Owens is a former US, Intercontinental, and Universal champion. They are both stellar individuals, which makes them a truly awesome tag team in WWE 2K19.

The Bar (Overall 84)

Members: Sheamus & Cesaro

Sheamus & Cesaro came together after a seemingly endless personal rivalry. Not many people had high hopes for them as a team, but when two talented wrestlers like this partner up with a chip on their shoulder magic will quickly follow. They have held tag team gold five times together and are a force of nature in the ring. Cesaro’s energy and Sheamus’ brute force mean they can blast through weaker opponents but also out-last stronger ones.

The Usos (Overall 84)

Members: Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso

The Usos have long been a powerhouse in the WWE tag division. Since their debut in 2010 they have been a dominant force and constant presence in the title picture. They have held tag team gold five times and consistently been among the best tag team wrestlers in the world. Their recent heel turn refreshed their image and a rivalry with New Day dominated SmackDown Live for a large chunk of 2017.

The New Day (Overall 84)

Members: Big E, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods

The New Day are perhaps the most successful and popular tag team of the modern era. What started with a bad promo video and a Southern Baptist feel developed into a line of cereal, pancakes, light-up unicorn horns, and many other bits of merchandise. Put the gimmicks aside though, and what you have is a trio of excellent wrestlers whose styles mesh together well and have incredible presence in the ring.

The Deleters Of Worlds (Overall 83)

Members: Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy

The peculiar pairing of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy came together thanks, mostly, because of their individual supernatural characters. It was an odd pairing, but the two won tag team gold when they defeated Sheamus & Cesaro at the Greatest Royal Rumble in April. Bray Wyatt brings power and surprising quickness while Matt Hardy brings the risk-taking moves and wild laughter.

The Bludgeon Brothers (Overall 83)

Members: Harper & Rowan

The Bludgeon Brothers arose from the ashes of the Wyatt Family. Harper & Rowan are two incredibly powerful wrestlers who have always worked well together. When WWE put them together with a new look and immediately started pushing their destructiveness on SmackDown Live, fans were excited about the potential matches they could have. They haven’t been disappointed either, as the Bludgeon Brothers provided terrific opponents for the likes of New Day and The Usos on their way to claiming the SmackDown tag titles.

The Undisputed Era (Overall 82)

Members: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong

The only NXT team on this list, The Undisputed Era have taken NXT by storm since they debuted last year. Roderick Strong soon joined the trio of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish. O’Reilly and Strong are the current NXT tag team champions in WWE 2K19. These four can be partnered in any way to create a fast, vicious, tag team that can pose a challenge for anyone in WWE. 

Gallows & Anderson (Overall 80)

Members: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came to WWE in 2016 with AJ Styles after being on top of the tag team division in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The good brothers had been among the first members of Bullet Club, but left for the world of WWE. Since arriving they have held the tag titles just once and begun to see themselves relegated to more of a support role, but in WWE 2K19 they are still a powerful force. Anderson provides the speed and technical ability while Gallows is the size and power, and together they make, or kill, magic.

The B-Team (Overall 79)

Members: Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

The B-Team first combined forces as The Miztourage, but Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have long histories in wrestling, with parents who found success in the business. Both have been bit-part figures in WWE but found reasonable popularity with the fans thanks to their charisma and impressive instincts in the ring. In WWE 2K19 they are not impressive wrestlers however. They can do everything reasonably well, but they don’t have standout talents.

The Authors Of Pain (Overall 78)

Members: Akam & Rezar

The Authors Of Pain ran through the NXT tag team division during their time in WWE’s developmental brand. Their overwhelming power was too much for many opponents, but they have some surprising speed too. In WWE the Authors Of Pain have not been quite as dominant as they may have hoped, but they have a lot of potential moving forward and in WWE 2K19, where their brute strength can completely crush opponents.


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