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WWE and 2K Games agreement reportedly ends with WWE 2K22

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WWE 2K22 has seen some significant success since launch, but that may not be enough based on a recent report on the 2K and WWE partnership.

We've got details on when the agreement between 2K Games and WWE is set to end and whether WWE 2K22 will be their final chapter.

WWE and 2K Games agreement reportedly ends with WWE 2K22

There was an almost insurmountable volume of pressure on 2K Games as the launch of WWE 2K22 approached, but they've delivered surprisingly well.

Despite some negative responses to pre-launch footage and trailers, fan reaction to WWE 2K22 has been better than they've seen in years.

While they seem to have successfully put the failures of WWE 2K20 in the rear-view mirror, it seems the agreement between WWE and 2K Games isn't out of the woods just yet.

According to a recent report by Mike Straw with Fightful Select, the agreement between WWE and 2K Games was signed back in 2016.

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TIME'S ALMOST UP: The agreement ends this year, so the pressure is on 2K and WWE

While public details about the contract were not released, Straw's sources indicate it was a six-year agreement now potentially set to end after WWE 2K22.

There were options to extend the agreement when it was initially put in place, but it's not yet believed that WWE has actually taken the step of activating an extension.

Following a meeting between WWE and 2K back on March 23 with a tweet featuring both teams mentioning "many more years of success," many believed that an extension had actually been signed.

However, a follow-up report by Mike Straw included confirmation by the WWE PR team that this was just a photo-op and "not an announcement of an extension."

WWE Games could still look to EA instead of 2K

According to this most recent report, the 2K team is focusing on "support and updates of the current game," which is good considering lingering bugs even since the Update 1.06 patch went live.

The other looming question is whether WWE would consider ending their partnership with 2K Games in favor of a new series developed by EA Sports.

Per Straw, WWE and EA have been in talks about a potential partnership for years going back to even before the 2016 agreement with 2K was signed.

The report goes on to explain that some in WWE feel their games have unfairly gotten fewer resources than the NBA 2K franchise, though it's unlikely EA would pull resources from major titles like Madden or FIFA in favor of a new WWE game.

As of now nothing is official between WWE and EA, but the lack of an extension with 2K will continue to present this looming question about the future of the WWE sim franchise.

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