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Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Which match will main event WM34, Vince McMahon's opinion of Ultimate Deletion

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Rey Mysterio's WWE negotiations update

According to PWInsider, there is a new development in the story of Rey Mysterio rejoining the WWE for WrestleMania. We covered the story in our previous roundup, where it was rumoured that Mysterio will be John Cena's mystery opponent during Cena's WrestleMania match in New Orleans next month - but now we are being told that Mysterio is flying out to Birmingham, Alabama - in order to get potential surgery on a bicep injury.

We understand that WWE have doctors in Birmingham, so this could be promising for WWE fans looking forward to his potential re-debut in the WWE. Since his departure from the WWE, Mysterio has been wrestling all over the world, including Lucha Underground and more recently, NJPW. 

He was scheduled to wrestle a match with Jushin Liger at NJPW's Long Beach show in California this coming Sunday, but has pulled out due the uncertainty of his current injury.

Are you excited at the possibility of Rey Mysterio coming back to wrestle for WWE once again?

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar not WM Main Event?


For over a year now, the general consensus among wrestling fans is that the whole pushing of Roman Reigns has been for one goal: domination over Brock Lesnar - and he will do this by winning the Universal Title which Lesnar will put on the line at WrestleMania XXXIV. The match has already been set, but - there is a chance it won't be the last match of the show, meaning it won't be the main event. Instead, it's much worse. 

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by way of 411mania.com, there is a good chance that the main event will instead be the mixed tag match featuring Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

They also mention the reasoning behind this is two-fold. WWE reportedly wants to downplay Lesnar as a wrestler, as he is on his way out of the company for good - whilst rallying people behind Roman Reigns instead of booing him out of the arena as they usually do in moments like this.

What are your thoughts on the potential new main event?

Vince McMahon thought the Ultimate Deletion would "bomb"

An exclusive report by wrestlezone.com says that Vince McMahon was not convinced by the Ultimate Deletion before it aired - and thought it would be a flop among the WWE fans. A "source close to the situation" has told them that the WWE creative team now believe it to be a huge success, as it retained over 3 million viewers on the episode of Raw that it aired on - as well as being a number one trending hashtag worldwide for over two hours.

WrestleZone also confirms that it was very hard for the creative team to convince McMahon to go ahead with the Ultimate Deletion, but now it is deemed a resounding success - we can expect more content like it, thanks to Matt Hardy's foot in the proverbial door. 

Did you enjoy the Ultimate Deletion or did you think it bombed?

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