Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Details on Cody's ROH contract & possible huge return at Survivor Series

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Survivor Series 2017 planned match

This could be huge! According to a new source, dirtysheets.com - there are plans in place at the WWE to have The Undertaker return in his hometown of Houston to face John Cena at Survivor Series 2017. These plans are still in the early stages, however due to John Cena's major commitments to the movie industry and limited professional wrestling schedule right now.

Take this news with a heavy dose of salt, but if it is true, it would be a huge return; especially after the big ceremony and farewell The Undertaker had at this years WrestleMania, seven months ago. What are your thoughts on a return? Is it time for him to come back, or should he stay retired?

Details on Cody's ROH new contract

It was announced last week that Cody has officially signed with Ring of Honor. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (by way of 411mania.com), his schedule includes 65 Ring of Honor dates and 35 NJPW dates. That's an extremely busy year for Cody! He has also reportedly told many independent promoters that he will be taking bookings until August of next year and is looking to get more TV time. Cody has only improved since leaving the WWE and is unquestionably the best he's ever been. Are you pleased with the news of Cody's new contract?

Update on the Jeff Hardy injury

Jeff Hardy has supposedly been injured in a six-way match on September the 18th, however, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he actually got injured during the July 8th Great Balls of Fire PPV, where he apparently tore his rotator cuff. The injury was made worse during his six-man match on the September 18th main event, and will now be going in for surgery to a torn rotator cuff AND a torn labrum. The surgery is scheduled for October 3rd, and judging by previous similar injuries - recovery time will be six months. 

This means he may not be in New Orleans for the next WrestleMania, however, is it also reported that his brother and tag partner Matt has plenty of ideas going forwards as a singles star, something many fans have been clamoring for since his return to WWE. 

Enzo Amore looking to start a second career

... in rap. Seriously. Enzo Amore, the current cruiserweight champion - made a huge splash in the WWE universe since his debut in NXT with his seven-foot-tall partner Big Cass. Since then, the New Jersey-born homegrown talent has gone to the main roster, split apart from his tag team partner, and now features in 205 Live. 

CFO$ - the duo who compose the majority of WWE's current themes, have sung Enzo's praises as a rapper from the time they recorded his theme song "SAWFT is a sin". 


Personally, I do not think it will work, as outside of his gimmick, Enzo is very different to the cocky Queens urban fashionista he portrays in the ring. But, I suppose it will be an interesting career choice if he does chase it - however, the WWE have reportedly said that he will not be able to use his ring name "Enzo Amore", but then again his real name "Eric Arndt" does not scream rap-star.

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