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19 Dec 2017

Worst 5 WWE feuds of 2017

Worst 5 WWE feuds of 2017

We've seen some great rivalries in 2017, but these five stunk up the WWE more than any others.

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Despite having some great rivalries and storylines throughout 2017, WWE was far from perfect throughout the year. Sometimes a feud falls off the rails right from the start, but other times a few poor decisions start to tear it apart. Poor planning and execution can be a major hindrance to WWE's storytelling, but some things are just doomed from the start. Unfortunately for three superstars, they found their way into the worst five two separate times this year. 

While these five topped the charts, the following earned a dishonorable mention after receiving some votes as well: Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon vs Kurt Angle, Raw vs SmackDown, Goldust vs R-Truth, Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara, and Baron Corbin vs John Cena.