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Why Sasha Banks must win at Elimination Chamber

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The empty historical feats

First ever Iron Woman match, first ever women's Hell in a Cell, first ever women's 5-on-5 at Survivor Series, first ever women's Royal Rumble, Sasha Banks has competed in almost every major stipulation match that only men used to compete in back in the day. The problem is, despite Banks sharing such historical feats, she didn't win any of those matches. At Elimination Chamber, she can finally change that narrative. 

She now has a chance to not only win a major stipulation match, but also win the Raw Women's Title on a pay-per-view and headline WrestleMania representing the women's division. Banks has had an abysmal PPV record on the main roster as well, which is why a win at Elimination Chamber must happen if she wants to still be considered "The Boss".

"The Boss" needs to be taken seriously

Not that Sasha Banks is a joke as a competitor but her moniker as "The Boss" might be if the belt does not stay warm on her waist for some time. Unlike in NXT where Banks would usually just talk every one to two weeks and defend her title every three months at TakeOver, holding the belt on the main roster is a different story.

She has proven once she could put on a good show against the number one contender Asuka even in a losing effort. Storyline wise, Banks needs to make the Empress of Tomorrow doubt her abilities. She needs to make Asuka believe she is actually beatable.

Among all the active women on the Raw roster, it is Banks that is capable of making people believe Asuka can lose this match, thus ending her undefeated streak. Asuka need not lose the match at WrestleMania, but Sasha Banks winning the title at Elimination Chamber plus a lengthy buildup of their title match at Mania would definitely help Banks regain her "Boss" image.


It gives everyone else something to do

Ronda Rousey isn't as ready as people think she is so she can stick to a short feud with Nia Jax for the meantime. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are busy with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville as of late, and Bayley? She does not really need to wrestle to connect with the WWE Universe, but it is interesting to see what her role in the potential Bliss/James vs Absolution feud would be given that Paige continues to appear on her team's side.

With all this potential story lines imaginarily booked, Sasha Banks can focus on Asuka alone but wouldn't be possible without the belt on her waist which is why she must win at Elimination Chamber first.

Shake-up anyone?

Being on the same show as Charlotte Flair may have contributed to Banks' lackluster title runs despite the storied feud and matches. Her title run during the Sasha Banks-Alexa Bliss feud would have been decent and convincing if it was her who was acting like a prima-donna and not Bliss.

With another potential superstar shake-up just around the corner, this might be Banks' last chance to assert her inner "Boss" before potentially landing on the same brand as Flair again and being out-shadowed. If the WWE has good plans for Banks, they'd better give her the belt and turn her heel while they still can.

The bottom line...

Though making history not once, but numerous times is more than just an accolade, the current character of Sasha Banks is not befitting of what a "Boss" should be. She hasn't been on top of her division for quite some time and she engages in too much petty story lines instead of the big ones.

Banks is an incredible worker but bosses do not do hard labor. They let others do the hard labor for them and take advantage of it to hog all credit. This is the Sasha Banks that ruled the NXT women's division as a heel, but that all changed when she went up the main roster and turned face.

Though it's hard to blame Banks' love for the business that makes her go all out, for the sake of storytelling, everything can change come Sunday at the Elimination Chamber. We might get to see not only another title run for "The Boss", but also an inevitable heel turn we all so long for.

Do you think Sunday is a must-win for Sasha Banks? Let us know in the comments below!

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