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Why Breezango's attackers must be revealed at Hell in a Cell

The Fashion Files have been an entertaining segment since it started airing on SmackDown Live, but over the past couple of months there has been a question on everyone's lips: Who attacked Breezango backstage?

At Money in the Bank, it looked like the mystery would be revealed as Konnor and Viktor, collectively known as The Ascension, declared themselves the attackers. Unfortunately, they admitted on the next SmackDown Live that they'd lied and only said that to get a spot on the card at Money in the Bank. 

The last time we saw The Fashion Police, they concluded that Aiden English had been the one behind the attacks on them. Since then, the only appearance they have had on any show was on 205 Live to arrest Drew Gulak.

How should it be revealed? 

Over the past couple of months, we've seen The Fashion Files shown as a pre-recorded backstage segment. While it allows them to cram fun easter eggs in the background of those segments, making this revelation in that kind of moment wastes the potential crowd reaction from a surprising moment. 

Instead of having it be a passing revelation on the screen for the live crowd, SmackDown Live should take a cue for the way Raw revealed Big Cass as Enzo Amore's attacker: with an in-ring segment. Breezango doing a live lineup of suspects, potentially with the actual culprits appearing after they grill all their suspects, it would give some weight to the moment and garner heel heat for the attackers. 

Why must the attackers be revealed on Sunday?


This one is actually pretty simple. The attackers must be revealed at Hell in a Cell because this story has been going on for far too long. If the mystery continues any longer, fans could easily lose interest and WWE would end up wasting all of Breezango's momentum. Despite both Fandango and Tyler Breeze falling through the cracks in the early days of SmackDown Live, they've gotten themselves over with the crowd through The Fashion Files and it deserves a true pay-off.

When the revelation is finally made, WWE risks losing interest once again if they prolong the explanation or the inevitable match between Breezango and the attackers. With The Usos and The New Day likely finalizing their heated rivalry inside Hell in a Cell, the winner of a match between Breezango and their attackers could help to push either duo into the discussion for a future SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship match. 

Regardless of how things turn out, Breezango have shown WWE they could make comedy gold out of just about anything, and they deserve a proper finale. After months of being the segment everyone looked forward to, even when other parts of SmackDown Live were falling short, they provided consistent entertainment in three-minute bursts. We can only hope that, if this finale falls flat, Breezango will move on to bigger and funnier things. 

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