What next for Drew McIntyre?

The giant Scotsman was dethroned as NXT champion on Saturday. What lies next for him?

Drew McIntyre’s reign as NXT champion is over. It was short, and very sweet as he put on a good match with his trio of opponents.

With his history as a former Intercontinental Champion and his improved mic work thanks to his time on the indies, his time in NXT was always thought to be a relatively short one, but there seemed to be a program with Adam Cole on the horizon. However, his surprising loss to Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas puts him into the strange existence of former champions in NXT, where they are in a holding pattern and often putting people over before their call up to the main roster. So, what is next for Drew?

The shelf

Unfortunately, it looks like Drew suffered a left bicep injury during the finish of the match. He is apparently scheduled for an MRI this week which will reveal more. If it is a tear then you are looking at Drew being out for some six months which would be a real shame. He has impressed in the ring and looked every bit like the blend of indie worker and WWE performer that he is. However, should the injury prove to be workable, or only require a few weeks rest, what could we see next from the big Scotsman?

Win it back

The story of ‘Cien’ Almas’ rise to the NXT title is a nice one, but he is a relative downgrade as champion. NXT’s history is of big name star champions, from Seth Rollins to Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura to name but a few. While Almas’ history in Mexico is glittering, founding Los Ingobernables which would spin off into the incredibly popular Los Ingobernables de Japon, he never really clicked in NXT and his heel run hasn’t been as well received as Samoa Joe’s or Bobby Roode’s.

Joe and Nakamura are currently the only two-time NXT champions, and that was a special title flip for the Japan tour, but Drew McIntyre is not only the biggest physical specimen NXT has seen, he is the biggest “WWE” star as well. McIntyre’s previous history on the main roster would add credence to a second reign as NXT champion without being obnoxious or seen as “holding people back”.

Return to Raw

Drew McIntyre is a beast of a man. Don’t believe me?

Raw is currently the land of the giants, with Sheamus and Cesaro, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, and of course Brock Lesnar. Drew would fit in with that roster physically as well as verbally. With The Shield around, why not add a third member to The Bar? With the mid-card contenders to the Intercontinental title seemingly drying up, why not bring Drew back as a challenger for Miz, one who has a redemptive return story and is after his old title? McIntyre has the presence to exist on Raw like very few NXT callups have had.

Smackdown Live

I say he is a blend of indie and WWE, because he is. Drew left WWE in 2014 and worked as Drew Galloway on the independent circuit. He was initially met with resistance as “just another former WWE guy” by fans, but he soon won them over with hard work and good matches. His stature made him an interesting opponent for all the smaller workers and his willingness to be just “one of the boys” on every show meant he was heavily booked from PWG in Reseda all the way to back home in Scotland. He also got really, really good.

McIntyre going to SmackDown would present a lot of great matchups and feuds, from AJ Styles to Kevin Owens or Randy Orton, to even a 3MB grudge match against Jinder Mahal.

As the more “indie-rific” of the two shows, Smackdown would be a terrific place to put a big man who is well-versed in the non-WWE style of wrestling. It has a far more open main event scene than Raw as well, which would be a path to WWE finally having a British WWE champion.

I would like to see McIntyre go to SmackDown, be it immediately or after a layoff with this potential injury. He has the ability in the ring, he has the size and versatility to be a heel or face, he can do it all - so put him in the "land of opportunity."

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