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Should The Miz be 2017's WWE Wrestler of the Year?

The Miz and the Intercontinental championship go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are inseparable and vital to one another. The Miz doesn't look right without the white leather and gold on his shoulder, and the title doesn't seem important when it is on anyone else.

2017 has been a stellar year for WWE's A-lister, despite not getting a sniff of the main event scene and being a constantly over-looked piece of the WWE puzzle, Miz has been truly magnificent.

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Maestro on the microphone

WWE makes its wrestlers talk far too much. Raw opens with 20 minutes of talking nearly every week, and sitting through Stephanie McMahon spitting venom or Bray Wyatt's rambling nonsense is a quick way to get me, and many others, to turn the channel.

The one guy in WWE that, week-in and week-out, can deliver compelling content on the mic is The Miz. Be it opening Miz TV, talking to someone in the ring, or cutting promos on Talking Smack (you are still missed), The Miz was never dull and always captivating.

He found endless ways to make fun of John Cena in the build up to their rather meaningless WrestleMania match, creating interest in a match that had no stakes.

Miz can generate heat against anyone and about anything. He avoids the cheap routes of running down local sports teams but can still rile up crowds better than anyone.


He carried the somewhat ham-fisted reunion of The Shield and built a weird feud into something brilliant.

Not only that, but he made something out of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel with The Miztourage.

Match quality

For as brilliant as Miz is on the mic, his matches still lack some quality. He can generate heat simply with his personality, but as far as work-rate and moveset, The Miz is found wanting.

While some find his character work enough to carry matches, there is always a distinct lack physicality and fire from The Miz. He isn't the "king of soft style" he used to be, but in a world populated by AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe it is really tough to have a non-physical match and carry the same weight as the in-ring wizards.

Mid-card master, main event meh

Miz has been very good this year both on the mic and generating heat for feuds, but they have been mid-card feuds only. He hasn't had to carry a main event program, and while that was not his choice it does make it harder to view him as Wrestler of the Year. Not having to do 25-minute matches to close the show, not having the "send the crowd home happy" pressure, makes life a little easier as a performer, and while Miz could very well be the Monday night MVP due to his mic skills, but I don't think that makes him Wrestler of the Year.

Do you think The Miz has earned the right to be WWE's Wrestler of the Year for 2017?

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