Reality of Wrestling: Episode 219 (Recap & results)

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Table of Contents

(Photo credit: Patches Chance)

Clay Roberts vs Shawn Hendricks

The problems between these two go back to Robert's days as a member of Legion, before he broke the spell of Hendricks and went out on his own. Since then he has done everything he could to get back at Hendricks and his lackeys.

This was an intense affair, with Roberts showing good aggression as he wanted to get his hands on his former leader. This became more of a fight than a wrestling match, Roberts taking every chance he could to attack Hendricks. It looked like the victory was his for the taking when the rest of Legion got involved. Roberts fought them off valiantly until a chair shot from Hendricks put an end to things. Legion put a beatdown on Roberts as Hendricks watched on proudly. Pretty good opener, with Roberts continuing to struggle against the numbers.


JJ Blake vs Connor Holloman

After a backstage promo where JJ Blake told us that he would be the champion of all television forever, he put the title on the line against Connor Holloman. Blake dismissed his challenger, saying he would finish him in only a few minutes. Holloman is no slouch though, and the plucky underdog gave Blake good old battle. An impressive series of kicks and an enziguri from Holloman brought him close to victory. With the title in sight, Holloman went for another enziguri, only for the champ to duck the move and hit a rock bottom for the win. 

After the match Blake cut a promo saying he would be the longest champion of all time. He was cut off by Booker T, who congratulated him on his master plan before introducing his challenger at Summer of Champions, Van Harrison. Good luck JJ, you're gonna need it.. 

Mysterious Q vs Ayden Christiano

After months of battle for the Texas Championship, it all came down to this. Four matches and two wins a piece, Ayden Christiano and Mysterious Q fought in the deciding rubber, with the winner being crowned the new Texas Champion. Reality of Wrestling always do a great job of making the title matches feel important. From the commentators hyping things up to the entrances, every big match has a big fight feel and the match actually felt like it mattered. The wrestlers added to this themselves, with Mysterious Q coming out with new attire and Christiano getting an added accordion solo from his La Familia stablemates. This is something missing from a lot of wrestling promotions these days so kudos to Reality of Wrestling for nailing this every time.

Unlike their last match where Mysterious Q was aggressive from the start, knowing he needed a win to stay in the series, this was a more nervy affair, with neither man wanting to make a mistake and let their opponent in. The match turned into a slugfest, big chops and right hands coming from both men. Christiano tried to hit Q with his own Q Cutter finisher before chaos ensued. De La Cruz and Vega got involved and a brawl soon ensued. Q and Christiano battled their way to the stage and Q delivered a massive Q Cutter off the stage, both men crashing through a nearby table. Cries of ‘that was awesome' came from the crowd as the show finished with no contest. With no winner, it seems that this rivalry will be extended to Summer of Champions. These guys are so evenly matched that it seems only fitting that this be decided on a bigger stage.

Backstage segments


AQA spoke backstage, elling us that next week she will wrestle Hyan, with a victory giving her a shot at Hyan's Diamond Division title at Summer of Champions. Angela said she was excited to get the chance to challenge Hyan, and she was looking forward to finally getting her own back on the champ.

Cameron Cole was informed that he had been added to the 6 man ladder match at Summer of Champions. Cole told us that he would climb the ladder and become the number one contender for the Texas Championship as well getting his own back on Chad Skywalker.

Quick Results

Clay Roberts def Shawn Hendricks by disqualification

JJ Blake def Connor Holloman to retain the ROW Television Title

Mysterious Q and Ayden Christiano went to a no contest

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