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Reality of Wrestling: Episode 213 (Recap and Results)

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Another episode of Reality of Wrestling TV, with a diamonds division title match and a hard-hitting main event both highlights of a great show from Texas. The show is available to watch for free on Fite TV.

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Hyan vs Angela

Hyan defended her diamonds division championship to open the show against the very popular Angela. The champ cut a pre-match promo accusing the fans of not being there for her when she needed them and now she’s the champ she doesn’t need them anymore. The crowd was heavily behind the challenger and every bit of offense from her brought a mighty roar as she battled against the more experienced champ. Angela's nickname, AQA, was chanted loud and proud by the fans as the younger competitor showed her will to fight. 

Hyan is someone who always impresses me. Everything she does looks smooth and her heel work was great against the plucky challenger. Angela came agonisingly close to getting the upset after hitting a mighty DDT but the champion eventually prevailed to continue her reign as the queen of the Diamonds division. Very good match to start the show and, if not for the main event, this would have been the match of the show for sure.

JJ Blake vs Terrale Tempo

JJ Blake confronted Lex, who was stepping in as general manager for the absent Booker T. Lex told JJ he would be given a chance to get a TV title shot by competing in a number one contender match later in the show against a mystery opponent, who later turned out to be Terrale Tempo.


While Blake was awaiting his opponent to start the match, Tempo was shown beaten down in the locker room after being attacked by a mystery man. It looked like the match would have to be forfeited, only for Tempo to limp his way to the ring willing to go ahead with the match. The injury soon seemed to be forgotten about as Tempo took it Blake from the start. The match went on to be an even 50/50 contest which seemed a little strange considering Tempo was just attacked in the back. The leg injury finally came up when Tempo seemed to land awkwardly from a kip up, which Blake soon took advantage of, hitting a chop block followed by as figure four to win the match by submission.

I would have liked to have seem the leg injury be more of a focus during the middle portion of the match, but a good match nonetheless with Blake going on to get a shot at the TV title at a later date.

Mike Orlando vs Ryan Davidson

Orlando made his much anticipated debut against the man who has called him out over the last several weeks, Ryan Davidson. This was a battle of the big boys as The Green Machine collided with The Bear in a proper good old hoss fight. Nothing too fancy, just two bulls running into each other in a battle of aggression and intensity that I absolutely loved. I don’t care how many moves somebody does, I just want to see two guys beating the crap out of each other which is exactly what I got here. 

My first time seeing each man wrestle and it’s fair to say they have made a new fan in me. Davidson in particular impressed me, showing a level of power and brutality that is sure to open a lot of people's eyes to the talent of the big man. Orlando looked to be getting control of the match when Davidson hit him with a mighty chair shot, giving Orlando the win by disqualification.

This seems to the first match in what I’m hoping becomes a big rivalry between these two and I cannot wait to see the next one. Cracking stuff from both men to end the show. 

Backstage segments

In a backstage interview, Rex Andrews said that the only reason he has never wrestled Gino before is because the Reality of Wrestling management have been protecting their golden boy Gino, and they know that if Andrews gets a shot at the title, then he will become the new champion.

Gino responded to this later in the show, telling Andrews that everything he has achieved in Reality of Wrestling he has achieved by himself and he doesn’t need protecting from anybody.


Quick Results

Hyan def Angela to retain the ROW Diamonds Championship

JJ Blake def Terrale Tempo to become the #1 Contender for the ROW TV Title

Mike Orlando def Ryan Davidson by disqualification

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