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Reality of Wrestling: Episode 212 (recap and results)

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Only two matches this week as Gino defended the ROW championship and an impressive debutant made his mark.

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Mik Drake vs March

In the opening match, March took on the debuting Mik Drake. March was formerly known as Will Lockhart before joining the Legion and becoming taking up his new persona. Drake is a big lad, at about 6ft3 and with a decent physique there was a big size difference here. They worked the match perfectly though, with March working on the shoulder of his bigger opponent after slamming him into the ringpost. This evened things up a little, with March attacking the shoulder every time Drake seemed to be using his strength to take control of the match.

The power of the debutant was too much in the end and Drake picked up the win after hitting a dead-lift german suplex for the three-count. This was very enjoyable, with Drake getting a big win in his debut and March putting in an impressive performance against his much bigger opponent. 

Davidson and Orlando set to collide

Ryan Davidson did an in ring interview with Brag Gilmore where he again showed his anger towards all the new guys in Reality of Wrestling. Seeing it as an insult that they were all being given special treatment when he never got any. Like last week, he soon turned his attention towards Mike Orlando. This brought Orlando to the ring, and he told Davidson that he had come all the way from New Jersey to kick Davidson's ass, and if he wants to talk trash about him, then he needs to put his money where his mouth is.

I’ve been enjoying this story of Davidson being the disgruntled vet who is pissed off at all the new guys and I am certainly looking forward to this match.


Gino vs Nathan Jolly

Gino had laid out an open challenge last week to anybody who wanted to challenge for his ROW Championship. This was answered Nathan Jolly, another debutant who is also the current champion at another Texan promotion Main Event Wrestling. The commentary hyped this as a big inter-promotional match with champion vs champion. Jolly looked pretty good in his debut, and after some awkward exchanges to start the match things soon settled down nicely. Gino showed glimpses of his impressive athleticism and while the match never quite got going, it was still a decent main event. 

Gino retained his title after winning with the Scarlett Letter. Rex Andrews came to the ring after the match, telling the crowd he has done more in Reality of Wrestling that anybody else, except for one thing. He then challenged Gino, telling him that the next time they meet he is taking the title. Gino accepted the challenge and said why don’t they do it right there and then. It looked like the match was about to happen when Booker T came to the ring to separate them. This match is set to happen at the next TV tapings and is sure to be a hell of a match.

Backstage Segments

Adyen Cristiano thanked La Familia for helping him win his match with Mysterious Q last week. He told them that because of their help, the Texas Championship will soon be back where it belongs in La Familia.

The tag champs Johnson and Mason told referee Ray Cantu that they had his back when it came to Barnes and Bartek and that he had nothing to worry about.

Clay Roberts told an interviewer that he had unfinished business with Shawn Hendricks and The Legion and he would take them out one by one to prove he is the better man.

Quick Results

Mik Drake def March

Gino def Nathan Jolly to retain the ROW Championship

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