Progress Wrestling Results & Recap: Revelations of Devine Love

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After their very successful show at Alexandra Palace, Progress Wrestling returned with Revelations of Devine Love, a special one night women's tournament to determine the number one contender for the Progress Wrestling Womens Championship. With eight women all vying for a future title shot, the majority of which were making their debuts, this was a change of pace for the promotion as they turned the focus towards their women's division and showed that it is just as strong as the men's.

Charli Evans has a debut to remember

Going into the tournament relatively unknown, the Aussie fought her way through tough early round matches against Charlie Morgan and Chakara before surviving a brutal match with Jinny to become the new number one contender. Jinny also showed her worth by defeating Candyfloss in the first round before beating the amazing Millie McKenzie in a hard-hitting semi final match. The final itself was vicious from the start as Jinny took it straight to her opponent, beating her all around the room, including hitting an acid rainmaker on the stage. Jinny's attitude got the better of her though, as after antagonizing guest commentator Dahlia Black, Black decided she had had enough and struck her rival with a chair. This helped Evans get back into the match and after both women exchanged some big forearms, but Evans hit a facebuster to win the tournament. This was a surprise to many as Jinny was looked at a favorite coming into the tournament but Evans impressed in her matches and will go on to face Toni Storm for the title at a future show.


McKenzie is the standout performer of the night

While she may not have come away victorious, there is no doubt that the standout performer of the night was Mille McKenzie. At only 17 years old  and trained by Progress Champion Travis Banks, McKenzie had arguably the best two matches of the night. Making her debut for Progress  she impressed incredibly in both her matches. Her hard-hitting first round win over the also impressive Sierra Loxton was the match of the night for me and was matched only by her loss in the semi-finals  to Jinny. McKenzie is the epitome of strong style with her hard-hitting striking game. It is scary that she is this good at such a young age and if she continues to improve at this rate, then it won't be long before you are seeing her on a bigger stage. 

The future is bright

With only three of the eight women having competed for Progress before, this was a big opportunity for these women to prove how good they are and to prove that the women's wrestling scene in the UK is one of the best in the world. When you also take into account that Millie McKenzie, Chakara and Candyfloss are still teenagers it shows that the Womens wrestling has come on amazingly over the last few years. While McKenzie was the nights stand out performer, it would be wrong not to mention the incredible Jinny. Continuing her reign as possibly the best heel in women's wrestling today, she seems to get better every time I see her and the heat she gets from the crowd benefits every woman she competes against. Fantastic performances in what was a superb show. Bravo to all.

Quick Results

Jinny def. Candyfloss (Quarterfinals)Millie McKenzie def. Sierra Loxton (Quarterfinals)Chakara def. Zoe Lucas (Quarterfinals)Charli Evans def. Charlie Morgan (Quarterfinals)Charli Evans def. Chakara (Semifinals)Jinny def Millie McKenzie (Semifinals)David Francisco def. The O.J.M.O., Mauro Chaves, and Charlie Carter in a four-way matchCharli Evans def. Jinny to become the number one contender to the Progress Women's Championship

Progress will be back on October 29th with Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre. Let us know what you thought about Revelations of Divine Love in the comments below!