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Progress Chapter 62: Fear No More, Come To Dust (results and recap)

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Progress have been very busy of late, with this being their third show already this month. On Saturday they presented their most recent Chapter show, with the World, Atlas and Women's titles all on the line.

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Ringkampf destroy each other

Before the match, Jim Smallman told us that the Atlas Division is built out of big lads beating the f**k out of each other, and oh boy was he right. This was always going to be an interesting contest with the two members of Ringkampf wrestling each other but with the Atlas title on the line, both men were willing to but their friendship to one side to put on one of the most brutal matches in recent memory. 

WALTER has built up an impressive collection of matches over the last year and Thatcher has seemed to gain a new lease of life since moving to Germany. The fact this was placed as the main event over the World title showed that Progress knew exactly what they had on their hands when booking this match, and it certainly belonged in the main event.

This had some of the hardest hitting chops and strikes I've seen in a long time, so much so that Thatchers chest was busted open by a chop so hard that it seemed to injure WALTERS hand. I could never do this match justice as every moment was a joyous display of the wonder that strong style has become. If you like your wrestling hard hitting, then this is without a doubt the match for you. It delivered not only a MOTY contender, but possibly the best match in Progress history. WALTER retained the title after winning with a powerbomb., but I'm not even sure the result matters so much.

This was brutal, this was awesome, this was Progress. 


Dennis continues his war of words with Andrews

The team of Mark Haskins and Jimmy Havoc, along with Vikki Haskins continued their destruction in the tag ranks by defeating Mark Andrews and a chapter debuting Danny Jones. The young Welshman Jones, recently made his Progress debut at Live at the Dome in a win over his trainer Mike Bird, and after spending some time on tour with All Japan Pro Wrestling last year he is widely considered one of the brightest prospects in UK wrestling. 

Before the match could start, Eddie Dennis made his way to the ring. Continuing to air his frustrations with his former partner Mark Andrews, Dennis told Jones not to trust his partner as he will use him just like he used Dennis. Eddie then joined commentary for the match and continued to vent his anger towards Andrews throughout. 

The match itself was superb, with Jones impressing yet again but it was somewhat overshadowed by the rivalry between Eddie Dennis and Mark Andrews. Haskins and Havoc were as aggressive as ever, even though they have yet to explain their motivations for teaming together they impressed by getting the pinfall on Jones after he was distracted by the kiss of death from Vikki Haskins. Eddie sarcastically applauded Andrews and Jones on their way to the back. 

Banks retains against his best friend

Travis Banks has been on a decent run of title matches lately. With victories over Will Ospreay and Chris Brookes at the last two chapters. After facing his CCK stablemate at Chapter 61, here he faced his South Pacific Power Trip partner TK Cooper. Cooper has only recently returned after breaking his leg at Progress New York last year, and after beating Mike Bird in his first match back in Progress he challenged his friend for the title.

Any chances of this being a friendly encounter were quickly dismissed as Banks attacked the leg of Cooper right out of the blocks. This was a decent back-and-forth match with Cooper matching his friend strike for strike. The story of the match was great, with both men so evenly matched that neither could get the upper hand. TK flirted with his dark side after attempting to used the title belt for a weapon, which brought out Chris Brookes, who took the belt from him resulting in Banks using the distraction to tap out his friend with the Lions Clutch to retain the title. 

After the match, all three men had to be pulled apart by the ring crew. It was announced after the show that Banks will defend his title against his two friends in a three way at Chapter 63. Nice story here and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.



Chris Ridgeway defeated Omari to qualify for this years Natural Progression Series, a tournament Progress use to build up the future talent in their ranks. Ridgeway is many peoples favourite to win this years tournament and his performance here showed exactly why. Very good match between two Fight Club: Pro regulars.

In a match that had to be changes twice due to the injuries of both Jinny and Millie McKenzie, Toni Storm successfully defended her title against Chakara. Jinny came to the ring before the match, with her arm in a sling she told Storm that this was supposed to be her day after all the hard work she has put in over the last few years. Jinny announced that she would be hand picking Storms opponent and announced Chakara as the challenger. Storm retained after hitting a piledriver, only to be attacked after the match by Jinny, Chakara and an emerging Nina Samuels. Jinny seems to have built herself a group of like-minded individuals as she continues her quest for the women's championship.

Flash Morgan Webster defeated UK legend Doug Williams to pick up his first win in Progress since Chapter 50. Both men have been on a losing streak in Progress lately and both have also suggested that they maybe aren't cut out for the promotion anymore. Webster got the win after interference from Vikki Haskins, who seemed to show some interest in Webster. Haskins involvement here seemed to come out of left field and it will be interesting to see where it goes over the next few months.

Zack Sabre made his return to Progress with a win over Chris Brookes and Trent Seven in a three way match. Interesting mix of of styles between three of the biggest names in the UK. A little too much comedy at times but still a decent match.

In a match between two guys who have seemed absent from Progress over the last year, Roy Johnson got a win over former Progress champion, Pastor William Eaver. The match was memorable mostly for Eaver taking a very nasty looking bump to the outside after getting his feet caught on the ropes while attempting a dive to the outside. Eaver looked shaken up afterwards and seemed to be suffering from a leg injury. This was OK at best, but definitely suffered from Eavers injury.

Quick Results

Chris Ridgeway def. Omari in an NPS qualifying match

Roy Johnson def. Pastor William Eaver

Zack Sabre Jr. def. Chris Brookes and Trent Seven in a three way


Travis Banks def. TK Cooper to retain the Progress World Championship

Toni Storm def. Chakara to retain the Progress Women's Championship

Mark Haskins & Jimmy Havoc w/ Vikki Haskins def. Mark Andrews & Danny Jones

Flash Morgan Webster def. Doug Williams

WALTER def. Timothy Thatcher to retain the Progress Atlas Division Championship

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