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01 May 2018

Over The Top Wrestling: The Standard-Bearer of Irish Wrestling

Over The Top Wrestling: The Standard-Bearer of Irish

RealSport got the chance to speak to OTT Wrestling's Event Promoter Joe Cabray about what makes OTT Wrestling special, how the company began, and more!

(Photo credit: OTT Logo courtesy of OTT Wrestling / Joe Cabray)

A little over four years ago, Joe Cabray arrived home to Ireland from America where he spent a short amount of time working with NXT. Upon his return, Cabray began crafting a vision that would forever change the face of the independent wrestling scene in Ireland. 

"As well as trying to build my own wrestling career, I wanted to help others, and I wanted to build a platform where the top Irish wrestlers could be showcased but also to design a place where Irish wrestling fans could come and see great wrestling," he says.

"It was a kind of wait-and-see situation – wait-and-see if we could draw enough people to pay the bills of the first show, wait-and-see if we could do a second show, wait-and-see who showed up. Is there a fanbase of Irish fans who wanted to see Irish wrestling? There were so many questions. Would it be embraced by the people? Was the talent there in Irish wrestling?"

In 2014, this vision was realised when he launched Over The Top Wrestling and, in October 2014, OTT launched their first event - the aptly named 'OTT: F**k PG'

OTT would go on to run one more show in 2014, before running a further 10 shows the following year - including the debut of what has become their biggest show of the year: 'Scrappermania'.

OTT has gained traction in Ireland for its unique blend of technical and high-flying wrestling, as well as more comedic aspects - with Angel Cruz, B Cool, and the 'Session Moth' Martina proving wildly popular due to the entertainment and hilarity they bring to every OTT show.

"We never had an idea of doing just straight-laced wrestling. We wanted elements of comedy as well as a place where people could see solid wrestling," Joe says.